How to choose a chair

The choice of high-quality and appropriate furniture - quite a complicated process. Of course, designers have to deal with it quickly and without hassle, but they already have some operating time than the average person can not boast. So that each element of the furniture must be approached responsibly and consciously. This also applies to the beds, and shelves and sofas and even chairs. Convenient and beautiful chair will do better just about any room. And in general, quality furniture directly affects our contentment with life, which is important for many of us. So do not just grab the first option you like. It is much wiser to advance to decide which seat you need, what features it has to comply with, and then, on the basis of the plans, choose the option that will best meet. Fortunately, modern furniture market allows you to choose from.

How to choose a chair

In this article we will tell you how to choose a chair so that it was not only beautiful, but also convenient and fits into your interior.


one. Classic. Armchair in classic style combine the best of everything - traditional decoration and modern rules of ergonomics. These chairs are distinguished in that they advantageously used textile upholstery, a frame of wood and decorative elements in the form of gold and thread. This chair looks very elegant and expensive, and is suitable for similar interior styles.

2. Modern style. These chairs are good for its versatility. They are able to literally fit into any interior. The main emphasis in these chairs placed on comfort and functionality. As for appearance, such patterns have a straight, clean lines. mainly natural materials are used for the manufacture of chairs, so that nursery they certainly will be required.

3. Country. Form chairs made in this style, not of principle. Far greater importance is the padding. A fabric with a characteristic country-print - small peas, vegetable prints, strip, cell

4.. Ethnic. Usually, the ethnic style implies wicker chairs. They can be made of rattan, vines, banana leaf. And, naturally, they rely pillow on which you sit, otherwise they will not be very comfortable.


1. Armchair with ears. Initially, these chairs have come up with in order that they protect the wearer from drafts. It has a pleasant semi-circular shape of the backrest. Soft and deep enough that they were comfortable to sit on cold winter evenings. It is safe to say that this is one of the classic forms of the chairs, which are ideally suited for any room.

2. Wide chair. This form of the chair is different from the others with its size. It's a cross between a small sofa and chair. They are ideal for living, as they can easily climb to his feet and hide rug.

3. Chaise longue. Sunbeds are characterized in that they have a long seat, so they can safely place the legs. They are suitable for reading, an afternoon nap. Just sunbeds can often be seen in the backyard, since they are comfortable and pleasant to sunbathe in the summer.

4. Club chair. Low seat plump, small feet, high back, low round armrests - are the characteristic features of this chair. Long sit on them is not very convenient, due to the low armrests, so it is best to put a chair in the bedroom .

5. Safe-keg. This is one of the most popular forms of the chairs at the moment. The backrest and the armrests are at the same level, moreover, they represent a single entity. The form of such chairs round, this applies to both the seat and the backrest with armrests that form a semi-circle.

6. Boudoir chair. This form of seats looks very elegant and refined. They are characterized by sloping back, elegant high leg. As well, these chairs are usually quite petite, so that hallway they will

7 to decorate the room and take up a minimum of space.. Bag chair. Triumph of frameless furniture. In fact, it's just a bag with a special filler. They can lie, read, watch TV. They are easy to transport, and you can just wear it for themselves all around the house.


The color scheme of the chairs can be very diverse. But it's worth to be wary of bright upholstery, as they can quickly wipe and dirty. But otherwise the choice of colors is limited to only the colors of your interior. Chairs are perfect to create with their help interior color accents. So feel free to choose any deep or bright color - the main thing that he was supported by the decor of similar color to the chair did not seem out of place. Bright green chair on kitchen combined with green chandeliers and green dishes will be a great stroke of indoor.

If you do not want a long time to look for a suitable chair, searching all available stores, simply refer to the company« Smart Space ». We create individual custom-made furniture, so you can get a chair literally any form of what you just want. In addition, our furniture is pleasantly different from most of the shops fellow much higher quality. So that it will last you many times longer.

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