When choosing kitchen furniture,consider:


The kitchen can be a place for a pleasant pastime, but still its first function - cooking.

The kitchen should have the necessary number of shelves and cabinets for storing food and kitchen utensils, space for household appliances (refrigerator, microwave, etc.). If space allows, the kitchen can be combined with a dining area.

Environmental friendliness of materials

The air temperature in the kitchen is usually higher than in other rooms. Therefore, when choosing materials, you should pay attention to those in which the content of formaldehyde is minimal.

For a finishing covering it is better to use an interline interval, instead of a film. Also, all kitchen parts made of chipboard or MDF must be closed and edged.

Wear resistance

Elevated air temperature in the kitchen contributes to the fact that the materials wear out faster. This is especially true for places near the sink and stove. Therefore, choosing materials for the manufacture of kitchen sets should pay attention to heat and moisture resistance.

You should also not save on a strong tabletop: the fewer chips and microcracks on it, the less germs will get into your food.

Reliability of accessories

Each manufacturer of fittings gives a special place to the kitchen, as this room is most exposed to temperature, moisture and mechanical impact.

It is difficult to calculate how many times this or that cupboard will be opened during preparation of one dish. That is why it is so important not to save on this piece of furniture and choose a proven manufacturer.

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