Children's furniture

When choosing a children's room,consider:


For a long time, the children's room, in addition to a place to sleep, is also a playroom. Therefore, the absence of sharp corners minimizes injuries during games. Each object must be as strong and stable as possible.

Furniture handles should also be rounded or can be replaced with smooth slots in the opening.


The children's room is always a multifunctional place that combines a bedroom, a playroom, a study area and maybe even a sports corner. To perform all these functions, various furniture is selected and developed.

A good option would be transformer furniture, which can replace several interior items.

Environmental friendliness

The child's body is particularly susceptible to the negative effects of the environment. Therefore, it is important that all materials are environmentally friendly.

Natural wood or MDF of emission class E0 will be ideally suited as a basis. Do not overdo it with soft upholstery, safe at first glance, it can accumulate a lot of dust.

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