Home furniture

In order to choose a kitchen, you need to immediately choose the purpose of the room: it will be a place for cooking or another space for relaxation and meeting with friends. Ideally, furniture should not occupy more than 20% of the room, therefore it is worth considering in detail the location and purpose of each cabinet. When organizing a workspace, it is important to take into account ergonomics and make the kitchen comfortable, first of all, for the person who will cook. Materials must be reliable, moisture and heat resistant.
A well-chosen bed is the key to healthy sleep and a stylish element of the bedroom. In order to choose the best option for yourself, you should think about whether your bed will have a backrest, a storage system, what the height will be. It is important to consider the height of the person who will sleep on it. The length margin must be at least 10 cm. The most practical would be a rectangular bed, but if you wish, you can choose any shape. The mattress can be spring or springless, depending on the desired stiffness of the bed.
Wardrobe/Sliding wardrobes
When planning the purchase of a wardrobe, one should proceed from functional needs and stylistic ideas. Depending on what will be stored in it, you need to think over its internal layout, the number of boxes, shelves. The classic version of the cabinet has 2 doors, but for larger models a 3-door version can be made. You should not save on the sliding mechanism: steel or aluminum, will last longer than plastic. The facades of the cabinet must fit into the interior of the room where it is located.
Children's furniture
When designing a room for a child, it is important to take into account his age, because furniture for a one-year-old toddler and a 12-year-old will be radically different. It is also worth deciding whether it will be a room for a couple of years or for a long period of time. After all, children grow up quickly, and with them their beds, tables and so on. But regardless of age, children's furniture should definitely be safe, of high quality and attractive for a child. If possible, furniture with horizontal bars and stairs can be placed in the room, which will have a positive effect on the physical development of your child.
Bathroom furniture
Selecting furniture for a bathroom requires no less effort than, say, living room furnishings. Indeed, often its area does not exceed 4 m², and the functions are very important. Typically, bathroom furniture is used to store towels, bathrobes, bathroom utensils and detergents. Most of the filling will be a bath, toilet and sink, so you should carefully consider the size and location of the furniture so as not to pile up the room with unnecessary ones. Bedside tables and cabinets with legs will last longer, since moisture on the floor will not affect their base.
Hallway furniture
The hallway can be a room only for daily needs (take off your shoes, outerwear, umbrella) or a place to store seasonal clothes, bicycles, strollers. Based on the function, the most suitable furnishings are selected. For storage, a wardrobe is perfect, which will save space thanks to sliding doors. The hallway is not complete without a panel with hooks for clothes. It is important to provide a place for sitting, because the laces, nevertheless, are more convenient to tie while sitting. Shoe racks can be placed nearby.
Storage furniture
Storage furniture is everything from cabinets and sideboards to bookshelves. These interior items allow you to organize and neatly store all things in the apartment. For each room, its own storage system should be thought out, in accordance with which furniture will be made. When choosing furniture for storage, you should pay attention to the quality of materials and accessories, because it depends on how well your clothes, shoes or other things will last. Any piece of furniture can either carefully fit into the style of the room, or be its bright accent.
Home decor
Various decorative elements will help to add coziness to your interior. Sometimes it is enough to add a couple of little things for the room to take on its own style. Decor can carry not only an aesthetic function, but also be useful. Key holders will help you collect keys in one place, an umbrella holder will decorate the hallway and keep the umbrellas. When choosing accessories for the home, it is important to take into account their sizes: a large box will look ridiculous on a small table and vice versa.
Home furniture

Furniture is the creator of coziness, comfort, good mood, general atmosphere in the house. Beautiful, high-quality furniture can completely transform your home. As a rule, furniture is bought for a long time, and, therefore, it must be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, durable and reliable. When choosing furniture for your home, you should pay attention to how harmoniously it will fit into your home, because it is important not only to fill the room with beautiful furniture, it is important that the elements are in their place, do not clutter up the space and perform their direct functions.

Therefore, buying furniture for your home is a very important step in which our company can help. Smart Space can offer you a wide range of home furniture. We can offer you furniture for the living room: walls, cabinets for equipment; for the bedroom: beds, dressers, wardrobes, mirrors, sideboards; in the children's room: bunk, teenage, beds, transformer sets; tables; computer tables, office furniture and much more.

A wide range of materials used, modern equipment allow us to produce furniture of various styles and trends. Such as thoughtful classics, strict minimalism, light high tech, simple Scandinavian style, warm country and many, many others. In the production of furniture, we use high-quality laminated chipboard, painted or veneered MDF, natural wood, artificial stone, glass, metal elements, fabrics, natural and artificial leather, plastic and much more. We can create furniture according to your sketches or offer you our own version, as well as help you choose furniture in accordance with the overall design of your home and create a design project.

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