Мебель для дома en

House near Kiev
A small 2-storey house is designed for a family of 4 people. The design is dominated by light shades, which are diluted with black elements of furniture and decor.
Studio for an bachelor
A small studio apartment combines all the necessary areas. A large sofa separates the living room from the dining area, and there is also a work space.
Kitchen in a new building
The irregularly shaped kitchen is designed for efficient use of space. Light colors visually increase the space. Opposite the window is a dining table with a chairs.
Design of a private notary's office
The notary's office combines a workplace, a negotiating table and a lounge area. The interior is made in neoclassical style with an emphasis on bright furniture.
House in the woods in Bucha
A two-storey house near Kyiv, which is dominated by warm shades and light furniture.
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