Wall panels

When choosing wall panels, take into account:

Veneered panels
MDF board covered with natural veneer and has a matte finish. You can choose veneer texture, pattern and tint. Wall panels can be tinted in any color.
Painted panels
The main material used in the manufacture of this type of panels is MDF board painted according to the RAL system (matte paint). The same type of panels can be made in natural veneer, with different square sizes and different panel thicknesses.
Fabric panels
The main material that is used is MDF board of different thicknesses, polyurethane foam of different density is also used, fabric or leather to choose from. A wide variety of materials and colors will help you easily choose something to your taste, as well as quickly and inexpensively equip your office or apartment.
Wall panels

Effective interior design depends a lot on wall cladding. Most often, decorative wall panels are used for this purpose, which are called hinged or wall panels. This decor element opens up many perspectives for creating an unusual style in the design of the room.

Wall panels can be used as wall cladding or as free-standing structures to enhance the original appearance of the room. Using this technique, you can radically change the style of the room. Decorative wall panels will help to emphasize all the advantages of the room and hide functional miscalculations. Also decorative wall panels can be installed in various combinations to create unique aesthetic and functional structures.

The specificity of the installation technology allows the use of decorative wall panels to create an absolutely flat plane, to hide all the unevenness of the walls. Thanks to this feature, you can significantly save on additional work on leveling the walls.

Wall panels are most often made from chipboard, MDF boards. Elite types of panels are made of solid wood. The most expensive are decorative panels, the surfaces of which imitate the texture of wood, or stone or brickwork. Some MDF wall panels are made with a single-color coating of any color scheme, or with an exclusive texture.

Hinged MDF panels are mounted in sections, which allows filling the resulting gaps with decorative elements, for example, stripes of different colors and textures, lighting from neon lamps. Such a wealth of options for decorative wall panels opens up new possibilities for creating exclusive designs.

Decorative MDF panels, due to the peculiarities of fastening and functioning, create favorable conditions for work and rest in the room, create an atmosphere of peace and comfort. Decorative panels for walls are distinguished not only by ease of installation, but also by ease of use, economy and long service life.

Also, wall panels attract buyers with such qualities as effective sound insulation, good thermal insulation properties. Hinged panels are installed very quickly, within about five to six hours, and please with their appearance for a very long time.

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