Hallway furniture

When choosing furniture for the hallway,consider:


The most important function of the hallway is the organization of outerwear, shoes and accessories. In some cases, seasonal clothing is stored there. Therefore, based on the functions, you should choose the optimal number of bedside tables, shelves and cabinets.

Also, do not forget that it is better to wear shoes and laces up your shoes while sitting. Therefore, there will be no extra seating in this room.

Headset dimensions

The hallway is usually a small area. Therefore, no matter how much you want to put everything in it, do not forget about free space. After all, if you bend down to fix the lace, you are leaning against all the walls - with the number or size of furniture is clearly too much.

If capacity is extremely important, it is better to make a case already, but higher. The seating area can be inside the storage compartment or be foldable and take up minimal space.


The hallway is the first room you see when you come home after work. Therefore, I want the feeling of comfort and coziness to come immediately at the entrance to the apartment. Properly selected materials and colors will easily help you achieve this effect.

It is also desirable that the hallway fit into the overall look of the apartment, because it is much more pleasant to live in a place where all the elements are harmoniously combined.

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