When choosing a bed,consider:

Environmental friendliness of materials

Ecological materials are always valued when filling a home, but they are especially important when making a bed.

A wooden bed will be an ideal option, but you can use board materials with low formaldehyde content. The filling of the mattress can be natural or artificial, but most importantly its hypoallergenic properties.

Mattress reliability

The desire to feel rested and sleepy requires careful attention to the selection of the mattress.

The greater the height and weight of a person, the more reliable the mattress will be. Filling is also very important: different types of springs or fillers have different service life and even with the right selection, one will last longer and the other less.


The mattress is primarily responsible for the comfort of the bed. With the right selection, comfort and healthy sleep are guaranteed. But other components are also important. The soft headboard will protect you from hitting the back of the bed. Sharp corners and edges are best rounded, again, for your own safety.

The bottom of the bed can be added to store extra things.

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