Doors and plinth

Veneered doors
Concealed doors with veneer. Hidden doors are installed flush with your wall, and veneer panels add warmth and comfort to your home.
Wooden doors
Wooden doors are made to order. Depending on the type of wood and style, the cost of the door and the production time will vary. Wooden doors are not only an environmentally friendly product, but also exclusivity and stylish design for your home or office.
Flush-mounted doors in panels
This type of door is suitable for both home and office. There are a lot of advantages in such doors and panels, one of which is quick installation. Such designs will help you avoid construction costs, building materials and expensive cleaning.
Aluminum doors
Wooden with aluminum frame and platbands. The door filling can be varied, ranging from glass (frosted, patterned, painted, etc.) to MDF board covered with veneer. Doors in an aluminum frame are a non-standard solution for your object.
Concealed doors with glass
Concealed doors with painted glass on the leaf. These doors will help you accentuate and highlight your interior effortlessly.
Doors and skirting boards

No renovation, whether an apartment or an office, is complete without the replacement of interior doors. There are many options on the market now, but in order to make the right choice, you need to know the criteria for assessing quality.

Interior doors not only visually divide the rooms, but provide sound insulation, reduce the number of drafts, allow privacy. The rule of good taste is the same design of all doors in the apartment and, of course, a combination with the overall style.

The doors can be made entirely of solid wood or board material (MDF, particleboard), with glass inserts or entirely of glass.

By type of opening the door is divided into several categories. The most popular and budget are single-leaf swing doors. Before installing such a door, you should carefully consider the most convenient way to open (external or internal, left or right), as well as take into account the objects that will stand next to it, to avoid damage. Interior sills can be chosen in the color of the door leaf or floor.

Sliding doors are ideal if you want to save space in the apartment. They can be one-, two- and four-leaf. The disadvantages of such doors include the high cost + payment to the specialist for installation, noise when moving the door and reduced sound and heat insulation.

The next type of door opening is a pendulum. Such doors are convenient to open when hands are occupied, therefore they are often established in shops, shopping centers. Such doors do not have a door box, which facilitates installation, but has a negative effect on heat and sound insulation. The lower axis of the mechanism, which bears the main load of the door leaf, can withstand a lot of weight. With the help of the upper axial canopy you can adjust the closing speed of the canvas. Pendulum doors are demanding to space, so it is rational to put them in large and / or spacious rooms.

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