Office furniture

When choosing furniture for the office, take into account:

Reception area

When choosing a reception area, it is important to determine the functionality: it will be a reception desk that will meet visitors or a full-fledged place for security with monitors for video surveillance.

The reception is the first impression of the company, so it is important that this area blends harmoniously into the overall style of the office, but at the same time was its bright accent. Depending on the wishes and budget, we will select materials, accessories and make a stylish area for comfortable work.

Furniture for staff

Office furniture affects employee productivity, comfort and workplace safety.

The desktop can be separate for each employee or a module with sections. It must contain all the necessary equipment, documents and have free space for work. Ergonomic model of the chair, will reduce the load on the arms and back. Cabinets and shelves, depending on the shape and size, can stand under the wall or help zone the office.

Head's office

In the manager's office, in addition to the director's work, partners and clients are received, and interviews with employees are held. Therefore, office furniture should be not only comfortable and practical, but also solid and presentable.

The manager's office consists of a workplace, negotiation and recreation areas. To save space, you can connect these zones. For example, a T-shaped table can serve as a negotiating area. There is a possibility of combining the jobs of employees and managers.

Tables for conference halls

When arranging a meeting room, it is important to ensure comfort during long meetings.

The choice of conference table should be based on the area of the room so that participants have the opportunity to move freely, sit or get up. The best solution may be a folding table, the size of which can be changed. The style of furniture in the conference hall should correspond to the corporate style.

Office accessories

Office accessories are not noticeable at first glance, but give it a finished look, neatness and comfort.

The variety of accessories depends on the intended design: in one office you can do with support for the system unit, in another there will be a variety of flower pots with vases, exhibition stands, etc. It is best to start with the selection of important functional details, such as the cable routing system, and finish with the little things for small accents.

Office furniture

A modern office should be equipped with the utmost concern for the comfort and well-being of employees. Therefore, office furniture should not only be aesthetic, but also meet such criteria as comfort, ergonomics and functionality.

The success and reputation of the company largely depends on how presentable and comfortable the office furniture will be. Smart Space offers a huge selection of office furniture. Custom-made office furniture, elite office furniture for executive offices are also areas of our activity.

If you are looking for exclusive furniture that will become the hallmark of your office, Italian office furniture is at your service. Office furniture is recognizable at first sight and creates a favorable image for the company.

The central place in our catalog is occupied by offices for directors. You can choose ready-made offices or order the production of office furniture. Custom-made office furniture will allow you to take into account all the wishes and specifics of the premises in which it will be located. Office furniture in Kiev, intended for installation in the director's office, is distinguished by a variety of design forms, colors. But the most important thing that unites all series of office furniture, they all have a presentable appearance and excellent functionality.

Reception counters are of great importance for office decoration. It is this piece of furniture that makes the first impression on customers. We provide a large selection of racks for every taste, made in the popular Art Nouveau style. Office furniture from the Smart Space company is distinguished by modern aesthetics and functionality, that is, it meets the most important criteria. Comfortable and ergonomic modern office furniture is the key to productive work of employees. We offer several series of furniture for employees, distinguished by aesthetics and ergonomics. You can purchase modern or high-tech furniture. Office furniture in Kiev is also represented by office wardrobes made of high quality materials. Thanks to the special design of wardrobes, you can save space in your office without compromising on comfort. It is difficult to imagine more contemporary furniture, without which the office would seem half-empty - conference tables. It is at the conference tables that discussions of burning issues take place, important decisions are made. Our company offers comfortable tables that create a positive atmosphere in the office. If you need custom-made office furniture the issue of office kitchens is probably an urgent issue for you. Although we spend very little time in the kitchen during the working period, we want it to take place in a high-quality environment. Office kitchens create a pleasant atmosphere in which a lunch break is a real relaxation. For everyone who wants to buy office furniture, we also offer office chairs made according to the latest modern design. The chairs are distinguished not only by their attractive appearance, but also by excellent ergonomics. Working in such an armchair will be pleasant, and even after many hours of sitting at a computer desk, you will not experience any discomfort. Office furniture will pleasantly delight you with a large selection of styles, designs and colors. The high quality of the furniture offered by our company is strictly controlled. In addition, do not forget about the possibility of custom-made furniture, thanks to which you will have the opportunity to create furniture that will maximally take into account the characteristics of the room and your tastes.

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