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Production standardization

When performing any repair and construction work, whether it be wiring or simply screwing a shelf, we set and perform a number of tasks to obtain the highest quality result. Compliance with ergonomic requirements helps to make the interior not only beautiful, but also as comfortable as possible for you.

All stages of repairs are controlled by our Quality Control Department, which allows you to be sure of an excellent result.

Unique design solutions

Having started cooperation with our company, you will not encounter the problem of mismatching the visualization and the real picture. All colors of paints, textures of materials and shapes of furniture have a clear number in the catalog or a drawing in the program. With the general measurement, every unevenness and small detail of the object is taken into account, thanks to which the plans are ideally adjusted to the room and easily brought to life. After all, it is faster and cheaper to calculate everything on a computer than later, at your expense, to correct mistakes in reality.

A team of professionals is involved in the preparation of the estimate, which guarantees you an efficient use of funds, a continuous construction process and a competent distribution of finances.

Experienced Renovation Specialists from Smart Space

Striving for the highest quality, we do not stop investing in modern equipment and tools and "replenish the staff" with highly qualified specialists. All employees of the company are constantly trained in new technologies in their direction and undergo regular certification, which in general has a positive effect on the development of the enterprise.

Why us

Every year, millions of square meters of living space are built around the world: from tiny smart apartments to huge private houses. For some it is only a place to sleep, but for others a fortress in which you always feel safe and comfortable. To bring any of the options to life - you've come to the right address! Smart Space has all the necessary resources to bring your ideas to life.A reliable basis for any renovation is, of course, a well-designed album. Our draftsmen and engineers will plan each stage of the work, and builders team implement everything that was conceived.

How will the changes begin in your home? The first stage is dismantling. In most cases, the customer wants to make changes to the existing layout or it is necessary to replace the old plumbing or wiring, so the amount of dismantling work depends on the existing state of the premises and the design project that will be implemented. Walls and ceilings are cleaned of all finishing materials: paint, wallpaper, tiles, plaster is upholstered. Floor coverings are removed, electrical and plumbing are dismantled. In some cases, the dismantling of interior partitions, concrete screed is required.

After dismantling and removal of construction waste, the most important stage of the repair begins - rough and engineering work. At this stage, interior partitions are erected, doorways are formed, and a concrete floor screed is poured. During the drying of the concrete, heating and water supply systems are installed at the facility, electricity is supplied. It is important to complete these operations before proceeding with the finishing. When communications are laid, plaster is applied to the walls.

At the pre-finishing stage, all plastered surfaces are putty and sanded. If necessary, the self-leveling floor is poured.

Next, it remains to glue the wallpaper, paint the ceiling and lay laminate, parquet or any other covering. Furniture, interior doors, lighting fixtures and household appliances will give a complete look to the dwelling.

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