Living room furniture

When choosing furniture for the living room,consider:


The standard wall for the living room includes: a wardrobe, a section for a TV or other appliances, a closet for books and other interior items. For a small home it will be advantageous to place some things in the living room, for a large one you can leave only shelves for books, souvenirs and a TV.

Open shelves will leave more "air" in the room, and in closed cabinets you can hide everything you do not want to keep in mind.


The furniture wall should fit into the overall interior of the living room, because it takes up a lot of space and so takes a lot of attention.

If the wall consists of a large number of modules, you can highlight a slightly brighter color or texture.


Even in the largest house, the furniture wall in the living room can not empty. It will definitely have a few books, flowerpots, small statuettes, a TV. To conveniently place it all, you need to think in advance about the size and location of the shelves. Part of the TV and frequently used items can be left open, others - closed. In addition, closed cabinets will collect less dust.

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