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Smart space
Why us
Our mission

The main goal of Smart Space is to create comfortable and aesthetic interiors for every taste. At the same time, it remains a manufacturer of high-quality filling for the developed projects: furniture, doors, sofas and armchairs, equipment for HoReCa.

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Smart space

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Smart Space positions itself as a company engaged in the development, renovation and complex furnishing of interiors.

The interior of the house should combine comfort and functionality, but at the same time be stylish.
Development strategy

The development strategy of Smart Space is to train specialists in accordance with their work standards and develop high-quality and technological goods at a reasonable price.

About Us

Smart Space was founded in 2005, consisted of one employee and housed in a room the size of a small garage. The main area of work was the manufacture of office furniture. Due to the large number of customers and the high quality of goods, the business developed rapidly. Several years later, the company produced cabinet furniture of various sizes and purposes: from household utensils to reception desks and meeting tables.

The interior design direction was born in the company in 2018. Its main goal is to develop its own design model in which all the little things will be calculated and signed to the last bolt.

At the moment we are engaged in the development of such areas as metal structures and turning for their use in our projects.

How to become our client?

Call by phone 044-494-44-43 or write an email: info@smartspace.com.ua and our manager will contact you for a preliminary consultation.

The fundamental advantage of the Smart Space company is that we are able to provide the client with a full list of services related to the arrangement of the interiors of various premises:

  • Development of draft and detailed designs;
  • Furniture for business centers and exhibition complexes, offices, executive offices, reception rooms, halls;
  • Furniture for restaurants, cafes, bars and other service enterprises(HoReCa);
  • Furniture for hotels and leisure enterprises (sanatoriums, boarding houses, rest houses);
  • Home furniture (kitchens, beds, wardrobes, bathroom furniture);
Company philosophy

To be good, you have to do well - this simple rule can be used as the basis of the philosophy of the Smart Space company.

In the world of fleeting fashion and "carbon-copy" style, we remind you that constructiveness is important and we build our vision and embodiment of interior design.

Our studio was created in order to make the repair process as easy as possible for our clients and free them from the hassle and problems associated with it. We strive for an ergonomic, modern and stylish design that, at the same time, will meet all the wishes of the customer and can be easily implemented.

Making any changes to the workflow, we strive to ensure that they work for you, and not just make a profit. This is why our top construction and renovation specialists work closely with the design team.

Modern rustic house

This is how we create unique interiors, thought out to every detail.

The Smart Space company implements the idea of personal responsibility at all stages of production, because the basis of our philosophy is the intention to convey a first-class product to the consumer. Taking responsibility - we do not fence ourselves off from the consequences of the decisions made. We really love what we create and do not compromise with our own ideas about quality.

Ultimately, our main driving force is a reluctance to stop at what has already been achieved and an understanding of what can be done even better.

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