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We are no different from others, except:
  • Creative designers
    We use the most daring ideas that can be realistically implemented. Our task is a live project, not an album of beautiful visualizations, which does not at all look like the repair that you have done. You do not spend money on architectural supervision, because the project contains all the information necessary for the purchase of materials and the implementation of the project by the builders.
  • In-house design engineers
    It is cheaper to make mistakes on a computer, which is why we have specialists in our staff who design plumbing, sewerage, electrics, ventilation, and so on. Only by designing everything in real size, we understand that everything will fall into place. And if not, the designer will make adjustments before the project is handed over to you and you will receive a picture that matches reality.
  • Highly qualified furniture designers
    Knowing the intricacies of furniture is vital for developing a technically competent and functional product using the right materials. Furniture, doors, wall panels - this is a significant part of the budget in repair, which is why we design everything to the last screw. And most importantly, at this stage, you already know the cost of the project!
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While others draw just pretty pictures

We design real interiors, thought out to the smallest detail, with the developed engineering part: electricity, a weak point, video surveillance, interroom and entrance doors, furniture and floors.

We design. We select. We implement.
Example of working with a project
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  • Radiator
    Radiator steel DeLonghi Multicolumn side connection of 3x12 sections 1.3 kg each, black
    $ 366
  • Window trim
    Moisture-resistant plywood is covered with natural veneer with oil-wax application, durable and environmentally friendly materials.
    $ 252
  • Curtains
    A set of curtains NoVa_Curtains Residence 41-Stucco 140x270 cm. High quality fabric made in Belgium, easy to care for, durable, does not wrinkle, keeps its shape well.
    $ 355
  • Chair
    Dana's wooden chair. The model is made of solid oak. A comfortable and versatile chair, suitable for the living room or kitchen, and organically looks in bars, restaurants.
    $ 140
  • Table
    The dining table is made of natural wood and has a folding mechanism, which increases its useful area.
    $ 475
  • Lamp
    Pendant lamp Eglo 99451 Gaetano 1. Dimensions: 110/38 cm. Lamps: 1pc x 60W. Shade: Steel / Black. Base: Steel / Black
    $ 92
  • Small table
    Designer coffee table made of oak wood with elements of bent wood on the table top.
    $ 260
  • Sofa
    Stylish sofa for those who value comfort. Sophisticated ergonomics and a variety of upholstered furniture modules make it possible to efficiently use the space of your home.
    $ 2900
  • Wall sockets
    Four-seat combined socket Livolo (VL-C7C3EU1C1V-12). Contact group - copper. The socket frame is made of OptiWhite optical glass.
    $ 44
  • Kitchen
    Simple forms in Art Nouveau style, facades with "Soft touch" effect, ceramic worktops, fittings from leading manufacturers Blum, Hafele.
    $ 7980
  • Track light
    Track LED light LIGHT HUB / Power - 20 W / Light shade - Warm white (3000K) / Body color - White / Size - 270x34x140 mm
    $ 127
  • Paint
    Tikkurila Empire semi-matt alkyd paint for furniture and various metal and wood surfaces.
    $ 22/ l
  • Microwave
    Built-in microwave oven Miele M 2230 SC. Volume 17 liters. Automatic programs, stainless steel working chamber, LED lighting.
    $ 1185
  • Development scheme
    Design project
  • Contact us
    You can contact us in any way: mail, social networks, mobile or landline phone.
  • The first meeting
    Meeting in our office, discussing details and signing an agreement for the creation of a design project.
  • Measurement of the object
    When measuring an object, all dimensions, the location of communications, windows and doorways are recorded.
  • Layout
    Measurements are transferred to electronic form. Several planning solutions are created and, as you wishes, we make changes to the layout.
  • Creature 3D
    A realistic 3D image will show the overall picture of the object and the combination of the selected materials, furniture, decor.
  • Blueprints
    In the drawings, schemes for installing walls, ceilings, the location of sockets, plumbing, tile layout, etc. are developed.
  • Selection of materials
    The designer selects finishing materials in accordance with the project.
  • Selection of furniture
    The selection of furniture is based on the client's preferences and the developed design.
  • The project is ready
    The interior design project is completed and ready for implementation.
  • Repair start
    Our team of builders starts repair work.
Interiors from «SmartSpace»
Let design into your life
House near Kiev
A small 2-storey house is designed for a family of 4 people. The design is dominated by light shades, which are diluted with black elements of furniture and decor.
Studio for an bachelor
A small studio apartment combines all the necessary areas. A large sofa separates the living room from the dining area, and there is also a work space.
Kitchen in a new building
The irregularly shaped kitchen is designed for efficient use of space. Light colors visually increase the space. Opposite the window is a dining table with a chairs.
Design of a private notary's office
The notary's office combines a workplace, a negotiating table and a lounge area. The interior is made in neoclassical style with an emphasis on bright furniture.
House in the woods in Bucha
A two-storey house near Kyiv, which is dominated by warm shades and light furniture.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much is?

    The price of a standard project is $ 50 per m ². Interiors with a lot of decor, such as classic ones, are more expensive and are calculated at an individual rate.

  • What will I get?

    The cost of the project includes 3D visualizations, detailed working drawings for builders, drawings of assemblies, metal parts, furniture, and interior decoration schemes.

  • What are the design deadlines?

    On average, the development of a project for a room of 60-100 m ² takes 1 month. Also, the process will go faster if the customer has a clear idea of the future interior.

  • Why are others cheaper?

    Interior design is not cheap by default. For best results, it requires the knowledge and experience of several professionals. Therefore, if you are offered a cheap design project, then in front of you is an inexperienced person or studio who learns from their mistakes or plans to take additional money for a missing drawing or information about the project.

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