Interior solutions for placing mirrors

On the Internet there are many articles about how to place furniture in the apartment, how to place the decor, paintings, plants and much more. But that's a subject that unfairly whitewash attention - is a mirror. Articles about how to position the mirror in the room, very little. But this is very important. Properly placed mirrors can visually expand the space, make it lighter. Well, if you place it correctly, and use them for other purposes will be uncomfortable due to insufficient lighting, for example. But for the most part people are very lightly mirrors - a simple, where there is space. A fatal mistake it certainly is not, as yet mirror itself is a fairly simple subject and little to spoil the interior. Yet, most often, there are much more interesting options for placement of mirrors, which can give the interior a lot more.

Interior solutions for placing mirrors

That's why we wrote this article, because no matter how good the interior, why not try to make it even better?!

Several mirrors

A few mirrors on the wall living room may well become attractive interior accents. It is not very appropriate for minimalist rooms or rooms with little footage, because in the first case, the room will be even colder, while the second is simply not bring any effect.

But in other conditions with interesting mirror frames will be completely appropriate. Frame, matched floor your interior style and will be the basis of decoration and mirror surfaces will reflect light and make the room lighter due to this

The increase in space

It knows almost everyone. The correct location mirror can visually enlarge the room. But as it is - the "right"? For example, mirrors which are arranged on the ceiling (or mirror surface), can visually lengthen the walls and ceiling to make up. Mirrors on the walls visually expand the space, if you do not use a small mirror, for example. This is particularly important for hallway, as this room often suffers from a small square footage. And make the room lighter and fresher is also very simple - hang a mirror opposite the window. As you can see, it is obvious, that most people, and so realize. But better once again.

Different sizes

If you have decided to place a few mirrors as composition, it does not necessarily have to be a mirror of the same size. On the contrary, different size and shape of the composition only give liveliness and individuality. You can use a single large mirror on the wall bedroom both basic and more small around him - as extra. Or you can arrange them around the room, focusing on the game of reflections - here seen a garland, it is reflected in the window and the street, and this is aimed at the fireplace


Framed Mirrors should be paid. a lot of attention. Here the situation is the reverse of what happens with the pictures. In paintings usually choose simple framework so that they do not distract from the content of the picture itself. Here, on the contrary - the frame is the main frame and a decorative element of the mirror. It is important to choose it so that it fits into the style of the interior. Thin, invisible frames minimalist; artificially aged for the country; frame with stucco for Shabby-chic. So, if in the room a few mirrors, their frame must also overlap with each other, it is desirable, but not required.

Unusual shapes

Do not hesitate to use mirrors custom shapes. For the same kitchen unusual mirror may well be a great decoration that will require little maintenance and is not will greatly stand out. You can find a variety of options - handicap animals, in the form of diamonds, polyhedrons, etc. Such variants look like a very interesting and fresh. And most importantly - perfect for rooms where you can no longer use the decor, not to overload the space, but still want some raisins

Mirrored Furniture

Do not neglect the furniture with. specular or glossy surfaces. They are also very much can visually expand the space and make it more spacious. In the same bathroom glossy furniture can make a room more and more light. Another plus - this furniture looks better, so does the atmosphere in the room is not as "filled". Mirrored furniture is used in the rooms where you do not want to resist the spread of sunlight and even want to help him

Floor mirror

Let's be honest -. Floor mirrors look great. They create a special atmosphere in the room, visually expand the space where they stand, perfectly reflect light and give the opportunity to see yourself in full view. For such mirrors children's room a little dangerous, but now, in the room of a teenager they will very appropriate, especially if it is a room of the girl. They do not need any elaborate frame, as in itself is quite massive mirror. And they will be relevant in any interior.

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