Bathroom furniture

When choosing bathroom furniture,consider:

Moisture resistance

Materials for bathroom furniture can be different: natural wood, MDF or particleboard, metal, but in any case it is important to process them at the stage of manufacture.

Prolonged exposure to moisture can rust the metal and deform the wood. Therefore it is not necessary to save on materials with special protection if you want furniture to serve you as long as possible.


Bathroom furniture should have maximum functionality with small dimensions. This is in most cases the small size of the shower rooms and the great need for storage of various hygiene and detergents.

If you properly plan the location of shelves and cabinets, everything you need will easily fit in the bathroom.

Headset size

The size and amount of furniture in the bathroom directly depends on its area. A more important task is to place plumbing fixtures and appliances, so the furniture comes into the background.

It should be borne in mind that 40% of the area should remain free of furniture. To save space, you can choose a headset, but higher.

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