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Smart space
Veneered doors
Concealed doors with veneer. Hidden doors are installed flush with your wall, and veneer panels add warmth and comfort to your home.
Wooden doors
Wooden doors are made to order. Depending on the type of wood and style, the cost of the door and the production time will vary. Wooden doors are not only an environmentally friendly product, but also exclusivity and stylish design for your home or office.
Flush-mounted doors in panels
This type of door is suitable for both home and office. There are a lot of advantages in such doors and panels, one of which is quick installation. Such designs will help you avoid construction costs, building materials and expensive cleaning.
Aluminum doors
Wooden with aluminum frame and platbands. The door filling can be varied, ranging from glass (frosted, patterned, painted, etc.) to MDF board covered with veneer. Doors in an aluminum frame are a non-standard solution for your object.
Concealed doors with glass
Concealed doors with painted glass on the leaf. These doors will help you accentuate and highlight your interior effortlessly.
Veneered panels
MDF board covered with natural veneer and has a matte finish. You can choose veneer texture, pattern and tint. Wall panels can be tinted in any color.
Painted panels
The main material used in the manufacture of this type of panels is MDF board painted according to the RAL system (matte paint). The same type of panels can be made in natural veneer, with different square sizes and different panel thicknesses.
Fabric panels
The main material that is used is MDF board of different thicknesses, polyurethane foam of different density is also used, fabric or leather to choose from. A wide variety of materials and colors will help you easily choose something to your taste, as well as quickly and inexpensively equip your office or apartment.
In order to choose a kitchen, you need to immediately choose the purpose of the room: it will be a place for cooking or another space for relaxation and meeting with friends. Ideally, furniture should not occupy more than 20% of the room, therefore it is worth considering in detail the location and purpose of each cabinet. When organizing a workspace, it is important to take into account ergonomics and make the kitchen comfortable, first of all, for the person who will cook. Materials must be reliable, moisture and heat resistant.
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