Wardrobe/Sliding wardrobes

When choosing furniture for the dressing room,consider:


Dressing room - a room for organizing and storing clothes, shoes and accessories. Also, often in this room is a large mirror and small ottomans or chairs.

When planning the location of shelves and bars, you should take into account how much and what clothes and shoes will be stored there. If, for example, dresses, raincoats and other long clothes predominate, it is better to make a large and high section for them.


There are 3 main forms of cabinets in the dressing room: angular, U-shaped, linear. Estimate the size of the dressing room before you start filling it. U-shaped is suitable only for a spacious room, while angular is suitable for a room of any size. A linear wardrobe will be ideal for narrow and long rooms.

Quality fittings

When choosing a sliding door wardrobe, in addition to the base material, accessories play an important role. After all, it is on it that the heavy sliding cabinet doors are attached.

Steel guides, for example, are cheaper than aluminum, but they are noisier and have a shorter service life. It is also better not to save on rollers with bearings.

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