The choice of floor covering

In our view the repair is associated with something very difficult, that it is necessary to spend a lot of time, energy and money. And it is completely true picture of repairs, if you are interested in high-quality repairs that will last you for years to come. With regard to the repair works stably triangle "cheap", "simple", "quality" - you can only choose the two parameters of the three. Want "cheap and easy" - quality will suffer. Want to "quality and cheap" - has been repairing themselves, spending a lot of time and effort. More like the version of "high quality and easy" - hire a team of experienced professionals, it will cost more, but you are involved in the repair will not grow. The main difficulty of the repair - it is the right choice of materials. Typically, this can help the designer, but if you are doing the interior for yourself, then you have to shovel a lot of information to independently choose which room is appropriate.

The choice of floor covering The choice of floor covering The choice of floor covering The choice of floor covering The choice of floor covering

In this article we will speak directly about the floor - what are the options, what are the differences, advantages and disadvantages. Qualitative gender plays a much greater role than we initially think. After all, if you pick up the flooring properly, it will last longer and be easier to care for him, but it is an undeniable plus. There are plenty of floor coverings, which we will now and tell. The most convenient way to describe them would be, if we divide into groups.

1. Floor coverings made of wood. Floor coverings made of wood are not only sufficiently high price category, but also highly popular among consumers. And there are many types of coverage.

Parquet is a small plates made of a single piece of wood. It is used often in those cases where the floor has a complex configuration that is achieved due to the small size of the dice. Modifications to the defect and without defect equally demand - no defects look more refined, well visually create a special habitable atmosphere. But the options without defects, of course, are more expensive. Serve as the parquet could for decades, but only if you care for it properly. As well, he was terribly unstable to moisture. More each year need to update the upper layer, and every few years more and polish. Actually, it is best to look at bedroom, where he did not catch up with the moisture .

Parquet board less the previous version, because only the upper part is made of natural wood valuable species. The lower and the middle layer made of coniferous trees. It has a pleasant appearance and eco-friendly structure. Excellent thermal insulation, and special effort in taking care requires. Can serve more than 20 years. But the main problem is that in the installation of flooring is very complicated and it is not alone to cope.

Massive board has a fine texture, and yet it is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Can serve more than 40 years. Yes, and it is warm to the touch, that adds to her advantages. The main disadvantage - a very high price, not only for the board itself, but also for consumables, the wizard. And take care of it is extremely difficult, since it is well lit, rot, eaten by insects, cracks, etc.

Cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork tree. It is a natural ecological material. In this embodiment, many advantages - it is hypoallergenic, is not afraid of pests of wood, non-slip, has high levels of noise and heat insulation. So, it is very easy to care for him. Due to its specific properties, it reduces the load on the musculoskeletal system, and the price it is quite acceptable. For children's room is a great option. The only problem is the softness of the material - because of it it can easily be damaged by sharp objects, such as heels

2.. Floor coverings "under the tree." These options are relatively favorably priced, though visually they quite difficult to distinguish from real wood.

The laminate is very popular due to their properties. He has a high moisture barrier properties, strong enough, so that it is not so easy to damage. Highly resistant to thermal shock and high levels of fire resistance. It's very simple to care more for them, that is a definite plus for a room like hall , for example.

The most significant drawback is that it should be laid on a perfectly flat surface, otherwise it will be much to creak. And if there is a long time to stand in the water, for example, if you have filled in the neighbors, it may swell.

Linoleum cheap and practical, for it is his and love. This is only a very cheap linoleum looks bad - starting with the mid-market, he can quite compete with the laminate. It is easy to wash, he is not afraid of mold, easy to install and resistant to moisture. The downside is that it can not be called environmentally friendly material. By high temperature, it is not stable and is easily damaged mechanically.

3. Carpet flooring. Allocate only two types of carpet - carpet and carpet tile. Both options are made from natural or synthetic fibers, which are further bonded to a latex base. Naturally, in such a floor covering is very pleasant to walk barefoot in the living it will be extremely appropriate. Can please high heat and noise insulation. Carpet tile carpet is more convenient, as the damaged tiles can simply be replaced by a similar, and it is easier to install. Lows in the data covers the same - they require constant vacuuming and regular wet cleaning. Besides, with them it is quite difficult to deduce stains. Water resistance is at zero, and burn such coverage quickly.

4. Self-leveling floors. These floors must be laid by a professional, as the process requires an understanding of many nuances. This coating is seamless, so it will not need to worry about how to mask the joints, which is quite convenient. Plus, special care of such a floor is not required. However, all this is very expensive, and the material itself is cold, so that without a system of warm floors is uncomfortable even at kitchen, not to mention the other rooms.

5. Universal flooring. They are called universal because of the fact that they can be used in any room due to their technical and decorative characteristics.

Ceramic tiles perfectly withstands heavy loads and corrosive environments. And yet it is environmentally friendly, durable, non-flammable, does not sink, an electric current does not pass. Take care of it is very simple. Plus, it has a huge variety of colors, patterns and textures, so there is an option for any interior style. However, itself is very cold and it is easy to split.

Porcelain tile has all the advantages, only a tripling of the amount. It is virtually impossible to crack, it does not burn, it is absolutely resistant to chemicals and aggressive environment. But it is very difficult to handle, and the price is very high. For bathroom room - an ideal option, especially if you use a system of floor heating

As you can see, among all of the above there are options for every taste and budget. Well company «Smart Space» will help you with the purchase of high quality and beautiful furniture.

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