Things for those who do not like cleaning

Cleaning - how much of this word. And basically, it is suffering. Few people like to get out of the house. And since most of the houses is not so thought out, how would like it to, they provide an excellent base for clothes on the chairs were saved by the pile, things did not develop into place, and stayed anywhere. And in today's world is a big problem - to pay a lot of time cleaning. After all, we already spend a lot of time at work, and in fact we would like more and relax, engage in their hobbies. Therefore, more and more often people are thinking about how to optimize the way your living space to create opportunities for confusion was at times less. Of course, first of all should pay attention to optimizing the living space. But sometimes this is not enough, so you have to look for additional options.

Things for those who do not like cleaning

And the best part is that these options are there. In particular, this specific furniture that can greatly simplify your life, while having more and dignified appearance.

Indoor carts

Despite the fact that the truck is not usually regarded as interior decorations, they still can be such. Of course, not in its original form, but in a somewhat modified. They look like a shelf with a lightweight construction on wheels. The advantage of such carts is that they perfectly serve as conventional "fixed" cabinets and racks, but if desired, it is easy to rearrange or even removed from the eyes of curious visitors. For living room is a great option. Another advantage of such bogies -. Their stylish and unusual appearance, which simply fit into almost any decor


The open hanger combined with a table - it's pure functionality. The idea is simple - similar object can function as both a table for small items, and a hanger directly. Moreover, increased functionality such hangers did not otenyaet its aesthetics - is enough to show a little imagination, and it will look just fine. A similar piece of furniture can be useful in a variety of rooms. For example, in a small bathroom, he and towels and robes, at the same time giving the space for toiletries. But in the hallway it can be located not only jackets, coats and hats, but also keys, shoe brushes, shoe spoon.

Shelves organizer

Shelf-organizers combine the two functions. Firstly, it is a convenient and systematic storage space for small things. And secondly, it's a convenient hanger for bags. Appearance they are usually quite concise, so that the interior decoration, they are unlikely, unless you yourself do not take their transformation. But a lot of practical benefits. Roughly speaking, there can be stored the little things that in the house there was a place - the same keys, letters, discount cards, not together in a purse. Arrange such a thing is possible in the nursery - children often collect some interesting trivia which then have nowhere to put it. But as they come in handy in the office, bedroom, hallway.

Kitchenware banks

This is quite a tricky device for storing bulk products. Many advantages. Firstly, banks look much neater than packages with cereals, sugar, etc. Secondly, in a well-sealed jar does not get through moth and beetle that to maintain the quality of products and your moral health is invaluable. Third, use a can is much more convenient than the package, which is already strives to break. Minus only one - the banks take up more space. And by the way, they can be useful not only in the kitchen. In the same bathroom you can easily pour sea bath salt from the pack in jar for ease of use.

Food containers

In general, they are very useful. The food containers products are stored longer, not zavetrivayutsya. And yet very convenient to divide the food into portions, if you follow the diet. Thanks to the kitchen containers you hover in the refrigerator perfect order - strictly ordered rows of containers that will contribute. Yes, and the refrigerator will be spoiled at times less. For kitchen busy housewife kitchen container can be simply irreplaceable. Recycle

Most people provide themselves with a place to store clothes, but it is forgotten that clothes tend to get dirty, and wash every thing one no one will. So many homes basket for dirty things missing. And very much in vain. It allows you to concentrate all the dirty things in one place, so that they do not have to dig around the house. So, in such circumstances, it is much easier to control the speed of filling the basket, not to recognize the fact, that all ended in clean shirts, when you looked in the closet and realized that everything that there is to wear anymore. Take care so that the presence of such a basket in my bedroom - it will noticeably improve your life.

Some of the items in this list, you can buy in most stores. And for some of you should look at the company« Smart Space ». Original and high-quality furniture - this is just what we can offer you

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