Advantages of imitation wood to wood natural

From the moment when the opportunity to do the simulation of a material originated debate about what is still better - an imitation or original material. A huge number of copies have been broken on this topic. If initially, due to the low level of technological progress, simulate and really were not very good quality, not very similar, and simply unnecessary, but now we are talking about in times of higher quality products. But the debate continues. And the nature of these disputes usually lies in the fact that people do not realize is that both options have their own place, just under different conditions and in different situations. This is true in general for any materials that mimic - for granite, concrete, stone, and especially for wood. Wood generally simulate too often, as this material has some use of conditionality, and the prices are very different.

Advantages of imitation wood to wood natural

In this article we will look at a few reasons, which are a serious argument in the direction of the use of imitation wood instead of natural wood. This information can be very important to you if you are doing repairs and has not yet decided on the materials. Specifically, it would be a floor covering, and compared with laminate flooring -. Its most popular and high-quality imitation


The most obvious difference that catches everyone's eyes, is the price. Even the most expensive laminate easily gives primacy to the average price on the parquet quality. So for the money that you spend on bedroom with floors parquet, you easily will cover the floors of several rooms quality laminate. And because of its practical characteristics, the laminate is likely to last longer. And the economy is not to be ashamed, because there will always be where you can spend the money saved. This is especially true for families with children.

Water resistance

Natural wood is afraid of water. Exposure to moisture course varies from grade to grade, but in most cases, even minimal exposure to moisture can become critical. But the laminate has a sufficiently high level of moisture resistance, since it is based on water-resistant member of the panel. Yes, and in addition it is covered by a layer of moisture-resistant. So accidentally spilled a glass of water will not be the last in the life of your floor. Moreover, there are models of the laminate, which is made specifically for bathrooms . So if you want a bathroom with wood motifs - that can easily accomplish this with the help of the laminate, but


parquet even in normal room you need to take care Despite the fact that. MDF and chipboard are synthetic materials, they are absolutely not harmful to health, unless you speak about low-quality versions. But low-quality parquet as not please you with their safety, and will cost many times more. Thanks to modern technology potentially harmful additives are reduced to such a low, which they are not able to damage the human body or the body of the child. So sometimes nursery logical to use laminate flooring instead.


Thanks to the lamination technology of surface have an opportunity to the smallest detail to imitate any surface, whether it be walnut, oak, beech, hornbeam, or something else. Moreover, thanks to this technology, you get a beautiful uniform pattern, which is why a common type of flooring is a more solid, and the new parts perfect snap into place, do not spoil the overall picture. This may seem a minor point, but in the interior it is of great importance from the standpoint of complete and unified interior. And for the kitchen, where you can disable some fragment, and there will need to be replaced at the same such opportunities are extremely relevant.

Ease of use

Anyone knows that the parquet is not only expensive type of flooring, but also very naughty. He is afraid of water, it is easy to scratch, it can be deformed by high temperatures, improper humidity, care for them need special structures. Simply put, a heap of trouble with him, even though he pleases beautiful appearance. So, the laminate is not inferior to its decorative qualities, but also to care for him immeasurably easier. It is much more resistant to mechanical damage, does not require special care composition, it is absolutely still on the level of humidity in the house and even spilled water on it hardly hurt him. So even for hallway such flooring is appropriate, in contrast to the same natural wood.

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