Myths about interior design

Not everyone understands what is still engaged in interior designers and what is it all about design. Because of this, people are easily amenable to a variety of errors and stereotypes, and to go to the designers do not want to. They think that the services of the designer is not important and no practical importance has not. Meanwhile, the use of the designer's awesome interiors, because they are not only "direct beauty" in the room, but also help to make rational use of space, use a home decoration to the maximum, to find solutions even for complex interior situations to correct and conceal flaws, pushing forward the positive side of the interior. Interior of simple human hands may well look good, and even stylish. But the interior of the interior designer is to conquer not only their appearance, but also usability, relevance of each individual thing. Many do not understand and are in the thrall of myths, not related to the reality.

Myths about interior design

So in this article we will tell you what is the reality and debunk some of the most popular myths about the work of interior designers and design in particular. Perhaps after this information you will be able to more efficiently evaluate the activity and decide whether you their services are not based on real facts, not misconceptions need.

Long work

In the view of many design is a very long and laborious work, which could take several months. And in some ways they are right - it is really very hard work, but not nearly as long as you seem. Of course, we can not say exactly how much exactly is the work on the design, as it can vary depending on the complexity of the project, work volumes, the number of revisions to the client. For example, the work on the design only living room and three-room apartment on obviously take different amounts of time. But when it averaged, then a month you will most likely get the project in its final form.

In addition, some companies already have some design templates. And if the customer design needs very urgently, he might choose the template you like, and together with the designer to adapt it to your apartment and need. Typically, such work and are cheaper and take less time

The high cost

Another misconception -. This project price. Most think that this inordinate luxury and the average person is better not to spend money on it. Well, if you order a design from some masters of the world scale, it is certainly true. But the most common, it is competent designers take quite feasible for the layman money. Moreover, you can often save, giving up a number of services, which may seem unnecessary. For example, you do not need visualization a child's room - you can give it up, together so reducing the cost of the project.

the high cost

interior Many people think that working on the interior, the designer focused exclusively on the Italian furniture from precious wood. And in the end, if not the project itself, its implementation will certainly cost you incredibly expensive. This is another myth. Firstly, most of the budget is agreed in advance, so that the designer works exclusively within that budget. Second, even if the designer and considers it necessary to use expensive furniture, it always offers alternatives that are in the lower price category. So if you do not want to dining table onyx, then it exists a more affordable option.

Stylin 'creativity

it is often assumed that the designer does not work on the "household" of interior options. Instead, it creates projects with an impressive appearance, extravagant color combinations, funky decor, live in that even at first glance, is very difficult. But this stereotype is based on various TV shows that are not interested in a simple, functional interior, since it does not give the desired effect. Most "real" designers on the contrary, are interested in the functionality and convenience to create an interior. Therefore, to create an interior that does not impress you at first sight and the heart. But they will look nice, they will be easy to implement and to live in this interior is comfortable. So the acid colors, a giant chandelier made of crystal and a huge round bed in bedroom - it does not apply to the normal design, which involved professionals

this can be engaged in each

In the view of the majority, a man needs a good taste -. and it can already be called a designer. But this is not the case. First, the good taste, too, need to produce, and it is not so easy as it seems. Secondly, it is a delusion of growing opinion that the designer simply selects the furniture and cover, but it is also a mistake. The designer must understand the ergonomics, have knowledge of the technical characteristics of the materials, constantly monitor the market materials and furniture, have knowledge of the construction, to understand the architectural nuances, be able to make the project documentation to be able to draw figures in the end. It just seems that the designer anyhow set up the furniture and fixtures in the bathroom . In fact, he took into account the location of the pipe, windows, room dimensions, its shape, door location, and based on this distributed furniture and fixtures so as to use it was the most convenient, and it does not deliver operational problems.

lack of individuality

Some people think that contact the designer is stupid, because he will do everything to your taste, completely ignoring your preferences. And because of this project will be deprived of identity, and your it will be quite a bit. This is half true in situations where you choose to do a project on a template, but even here it is not entirely true, since the project is still adapted to your conditions and needs. In the case when the project is done from scratch, the designer is working precisely on the basis of your wishes, and not on the basis of its own. So if you want high-tech kitchen - you get it, the main thing to say about this designer.

designer cheating

Another common misconception - an opinion that the designer will always deceive you in its favor. And this is partly true, since unscrupulous experts will indeed do so. As unscrupulous professionals in any field. Normal as designers are not interested in cheating, as they look at the future - if the customer liked the project, it will come back or advise relatives to contact this company. So even considering the situation just to gain position - cheating is not profitable. Not to mention the fact that professionals simply do not need to cheat, as he does everything right quality. And if recommends some furniture companies, it is recommended that due to the convenience and quality of the furniture, and not because he is paid.

The company «Smart Space» has long been engaged in the production of individual furniture. The quality of our work has been appreciated not only by a variety of businesses, restaurants, but also ordinary people who have decided to cooperate with us. And we have no one never disappointed. Consistently high quality materials allows us to create really high quality household items, use that is physically pleasant. You may think that this is just empty words. Just contact us - and you will be convinced of the truth of our words

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