How to make the room better by using the correct colors

Anyone who wants to be the dwelling was the most comfortable, most comfortable and most beautiful. It is much nicer to live in the house of their dreams, not only outside but also inside. However, we do not always get what we wanted. Often, financial or other difficulties stand in our way, and we can not do anything about it. And then you need not despair and take things as they are, and to find compromises and tricks that will help us bring your interior to our ideal. There are many ways to do this - the right cover, furniture and decoration. But one of the most effective ways to improve the room is a range of colors. With the right color, you can expand the space visually, making it lighter, add the positive emotions, or vice versa, peace and quiet. All you need to do - to know what and how to use

How to make the room better by using the correct colors

In this article we will tell you what colors and in what situations should be used to create the interior space and the right mood to achieve the desired visual effect. This article will be useful if you started a repair and want to knowingly alter their home for themselves.


The yellow is intended to give a positive and energize. This color is very difficult and strong enough, so that it must be used sparingly and thoughtfully. In virtually any room this color will be good. But it is quite possible that in the bedroom you can not miss it, because positive charge and vigor in the morning no one puts. Yellow bedding, blanket, pattern, or even a whole chair - like small changes, but the big difference feels


With red is very easy to overdo it.. Its basic premise, it is a passion, excitement, activity, desire - but that's only if it is used sparingly. If it is too much - nervousness and irritability being your associates. Keep this in mind. The red color is perfect to highlight something in the interior, so they often paint window frames, doorways and doors. Or simply replace a table lamp for the same, only the red color - it will give you vigor during operation


Brown, cream, beige color -. The concentration of comfort and tranquility. By themselves, they are very soft and delicate, so that in any interior would be appropriate. Most often they can be found in the living room, because the room they create an excellent background for bright accents. But even without these accents beige tones is quite independent. In addition, they are perfectly combined with wood motifs, candles or a fireplace. Just light beige color will look good in the hallway, as this room usually not deprived of natural light and bright colors make it just a little, but lighter


When we speak of the orange color, the best word for it -. it is "vigorous ". And indeed, this color charges us with vigor, gives energy, the desire to have something to do and somewhere to go. Since it is also quite difficult to work with, so just a pair of mentions in the interior will be more than enough. For example, orange apron in the kitchen. Or accent wall, but not very bright pure-orange, and orange-apricot. In addition, if you believe the colorist orange color enhances the appetite, so if you want your child ate active - buy him an orange bowl


The pink color is often called. girlish color. And believe me, this color is one of the best in order to arrange the room a little girl, teen or even adult women. This color can be different, depending on the shade. But now the most loved soft, pastel colors - dusty rose, Japanese rose, dirty pink, smoky pink and stuff like that. They're both mildly soothing and feminine and graceful. So for children's room little lady, this color will be more than appropriate. And in the decoration of the other rooms, too.


Blue virtually never lost its popularity. It is very fresh, cool and gentle color that is suitable for the mood of any room. Bedroom he would make a lighter and relaxed in the living room add a touch of elegance and freedom, for the bathroom is generally the most obvious color. Another advantage of this color is that it is easy to combine with almost all other colors.


Green brings us closer to nature. He recalls the green foliage, grass, pine forest, and even on the sea - despite what shade to pick. The benefit of a lot of them - from the sea to the green of the elegant colors like Viridiana. Green textiles and decor are very popular because they fit well with the majority of color combinations, but do not overload a room.

Green in bathroom can create a sense of the sea bottom, where a deep, cool and very calm. The main thing - to find the right shades


Blue itself is very quiet and even a bit melancholic.. But in combination with white, gray, he gets the royal glamor and sophistication. It is a cold color, so do not combine it with warm shades. Besides, the color is easily suitable for the boy's room, because usually this color is considered to be just a boyish. But this color is also necessary to be careful - it is, of course, is not so complicated, as the red, but still can overwhelm a room

The most obvious conclusion from the above -. Any color is good in the measure and the right place . In addition, the colors must match the chosen furniture. And the best quality furniture you can offer company« Smart Space ».

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