Modern autumn trends

Each person has their own, special idea about life values. And these ideas most directly affect the interior of living spaces. Someone in the interior it is important for it to be reliable, sturdy and durable, and the style and sophistication of the interior fade into the background. Another person likes consistency and stability, and therefore chooses the style of the interior, which will be relevant both now and in 20 years - such a lot, the same eco-style or Provence. Well, for the third it is important that his accommodation was stylish, trendy and modern. And all of the above is quite normal and natural. Moreover, its interior needs need to be implemented, or in the home life will not be as nice as it could. Following trends is quite logical, because, for example, in summer and in winter need a completely different interior, so why not be a little more extensive changes ?!

Modern autumn trends

In this article we will tell you about what fall trends you should pay attention and offer us something new interior designers. This information may well be an excellent tool to refresh the interior and make it more modern


The emphasis on colors -. It is quite a banal classic, of which even the sixth-grader knows. This option has become boring and fades into the background. Much more important becomes the texture and shape. Increasingly, they use simple colors, but in complicated forms and of difficult materials. For example, fur interior cushions, coffee tables made of natural stone in the living. Simply put, a feature of the interior must be felt with the touch, not only in appearance.


The popularity of white right now can not be overemphasized. He literally is the foundation and the most important part of most modern interiors. And increasingly used technique "white on white". For example, light-colored walls combined with light as furniture. Although, it is very important to use all this skill, since it is not for every room this color scheme is appropriate. For example, in the hall better to choose a color of socks. But in general, white room will always seem spacious and fresh, and for many people this is a great option to feel relaxed, just go to his apartment.

Speaking decor

Modern interior is increasingly moving away from universal. And the final point - full of personality and intimacy. Personal, individual decor - this is the beginning of this path. Home owners propose to use in decorating the rooms that they like, not what the "right" to use - old ceramics, children's drawings, lion statues. The main thing is to choose quality and beautiful shelves for all. And so the decor is very appropriate in the bedroom , it is this room and is the most intimate in the whole house

The mixture of all

This is a very unusual and difficult to implement Council -. try to mix all starting from the styles of interior and finishing materials. The main thing that it was all done in one color. Different textures, different styles, different mood - all this can create a very interesting and unusual interior. However, it is better to entrust the implementation of the Council professional designer. It yourself you are unlikely to overpower this confusion and most likely you will not stylish , original interior, and a strange hodgepodge.

The contrasts

it was previously said that the color in the interior fades into the background. But that does not mean you have to forget about him. Color contrasts still remain an important part of modern interior. Bright accent items are appropriate even for kitchen, to say nothing of the other rooms. Importantly, do not forget about the color temperature and a restrained use - only if the color is used "rarely, but neatly," he fully fulfills its role of accent and contrast of the interior


It is important. note that not every hand-made decor refers to this trend. This, of course, is a high-quality products, which had involved people with straight arms. Such products can significantly beautify the interior and give it all the same personality characteristics, which literally is in the interior of the autumn of this year. But there are things that you can do well themselves without fear to spoil everything. For example, a soft pad children's room, made of knitting yarn.


Previously, paintings on the walls were not very popular, and in vain, as they can greatly transform the interior. But now they cease to be so undervalued and are gaining more and more popularity. You can use labels to find the wallpaper, paint or even yourself to draw something on the wall. The main thing -. Not be afraid to show your personality

You may have noticed that the main trend of this fall can be described in one word - sincerity. Your interior should evoke in you warm and good feeling, to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort of home. But if with decorative techniques, everything is simple, and to find the decor to taste it is quite possible, and in an extreme case, it is possible to do it yourself, here's a special furniture, things more complicated. After all, buy the original and personalized furniture at the store will not work. But you can go to company «Smart Space» . And we can create for you exactly such furniture, which you need.

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