Signs of a good design project

With the design project starts good interior. After all, the project to which consciously and responsibly approached a specialist, just doomed to success. But often people do not want to cooperate with designers because they do not understand their work. Some do not understand why do they need the services of the designer, but these people most often do not have any special claims to the interior. But the latter do not understand how it works and worry that they will give the money to an unqualified person who does not particularly help them. This concern is quite logical, because people honestly admit lack of specific knowledge and understand that this is a great field for fraud. And it is for these people and we are writing this article. We will talk about what you should pay attention to understand about how faithfully specialist came to perform work and on occasion to refuse deceivers services.

Signs of a good design project

Of course, different companies can work in different ways. But if you want their money to get the maximum, then you should listen to this article.


A good design project starts with a long and detailed discussion of what you need to about your future interior. The designer should get as much information, so you will likely be quite a long dialogue. In the course of this dialogue will be discussed in style, colors, materials, coatings, specificity of your living arrangements. It is possible that your wishes may disagree with the chosen style, so that you will look for a compromise. It will be discussed in each room, from the hallway and ending with the bedroom. But unskilled specialist would try to quickly finish the dialog to quickly sketch a design and get the money. And, of course, in such a project your personality is not unlike the work of a professional.


Without the drawings can not imagine a normal design project. On them will work builders, they will need to understand the customer. The correct figure is very important. Moreover, the drawings should be more - then you and tonnage plan, and placement of furniture, and the location of electrical outlets and switches, trim, floor lighting. Those. literally every type of work requires a different drawing. Such an abundance of papers needed because everything in the interior should be coordinated and appropriate. It should be a well-defined number of outlets for different kitchen and a bedroom, it is important to the location of lighting fixtures, is important the correct alignment furniture. Without a detailed work plan things can go wrong and as a result you can get is not what was originally envisioned to you.


Generally, visualization is not a mandatory component of quality of the design project, but well, if the company can offer it to you. It is often our perceptions and reality can have significant differences. Visualization offers specifically to see how your interior could look like, for example, bedroom . So you will represent yourself, that you will get a result and what you would like to change. As well, you will see all possible nuances of the interior. And returning to the fantasy and reality - simply formed in the mind of the interior often Fade and unreliable, and here you will see certain things. What is important is because it is quite possible that the interior that you have worked with the designer, may be not at all what you want. And understand this better by looking at the picture, than looking at your room.


Another important parameter of good design is the simplicity of its implementation. Of course, it is unlikely the customer wants with the finished project on hand to run and pick up the decoration and furniture in the right colors - it takes a lot of time and nerves. Therefore, the important point is the estimate, which takes into account all of the above points, and that fit the budget, voiced by the customer. The estimate makes it easy to buy everything you need at once, without a long process of search and selection of suitable products. For example, there will be clearly stated that and how much you need to bathroom up to sockets and switches.


Another important point is the oral advice that you can give the designer. Usually they concern how should decorate the interior so that it looks the most profitable. What is necessary to use a mirror, which pick up the picture, whether to use houseplants, which is better to choose curtains, carpets, blankets, pillowcases for decorative pillows in living. A good designer is sure to give you a couple of tips to get you out of ignorance did not spoil the interior, as in his best interest for you to be happy with the result

The acquisition of high-quality furniture -. This is a guarantee that your future interior will look beautiful, and it will be convenient to use. Of course, odds are you can find such furniture in the stores. But a much easier way - is to contact the company «Smart Space» . In addition, we offer individual custom-made furniture, so you can get an absolutely exclusive furnishings for quite adequate price.

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