Rules of sound insulation in the apartment

Your apartment may look as if it worked on the designer is not only a great experience, but with a flair. Perfectly matched colors, elegant furniture, equipped with the latest modern technology squeak. Skillful organization of space, combined with the appropriate storage system. The ideal climate, perfect temperature control. And still you will be unbearable to live in your most wonderful in the world of the apartment. Why? Noise. Difficult to live with the noise, and it is very effect on your health. We can say that it operates in a complex - bothers you, does not allow you to sleep, does not allow to relax, do not give a rest. And everything is a sure way to a nervous breakdown, or to endless diseases of cold type, SARS, etc. So soundproof your apartment - a thing that you should not pull, and which is not worth saving. After all, the neighbors will not take care of silence in your home.

Rules of sound insulation in the apartment

It should be understood that the war with its neighbors will not lead to the fact that you will be quiet. It is possible that the neighbors have no means noisy, designers simply do not think about what you will live, and basic insulation system is not thought out. And the noise as part of your own apartment, too, can greatly interfere with, for example, bedroom to hear softly the TV is in the living room - bad enough

It is very important to take matters into their own hands and their own to do the elimination of noise in your apartment.. And we will help you in this by providing a set of rules that should be followed if you want to achieve maximum effect.

1. The first step is to determine the source of the problem. The noise can be classified into two types. The first type - is impact noise. Here you are lying on the couch in the living room and hear the clatter. Moving the update or the sounds of furniture. Or the sound of the object falling. All this - the impact noise. The second type - the air. Those. voices, dogs barking, playing musical instruments, the TV is. Noise can spread not only horizontally, but also vertically, and even diagonally.

2. Next, you should pay attention to whether there are the so-called bridges to spread the sound. These may be cracks in the walls, through the outlet, built-in ceiling lights, speakers, niche risers panels of metal. Even work with these moments have a major impact on the sound insulation of your home. For example, having altered the outlet in the living room will no longer be heard sounds kitchen.

3.It is important to understand that it takes a comprehensive approach to quality soundproofing. So do not start sound insulation work, if you do not eliminate the bridges. Also, if you make a sound insulation wall, for example, the effect will be insignificant - sounds become quieter, but not disappear. For maximum effect, you need to completely soundproof the room. But at the same time you lose a certain number of centimeters of space. And the price you are not happy. But start small. For example, first enjoy a soundproof children's room. Just start from the most important rooms and gradually get over to those who are not so important.

4. Note that the insulation is not at all the same as the sound insulation. Often people make mistakes, thinking that using mineral wool, expanded polystyrene and other insulation, they also insulate the room from the sounds. But this is not the case. The effect of such actions and the minimum real benefit from it will not. Therefore it is important to understand that for sound insulation, specialized materials with highly directional properties.

5. Not always the noise level is critical, and sometimes you just want to reduce it. In this case, you should pay attention to sound-absorbing materials. Unlike insulation, sound absorption only significantly reduces the noise level. His advantage is that this effect can be achieved using finishing materials and decor. Those frequent wall panels with sound-absorbing effects. For example, excellent sound-absorbing material is cork floor covering, which is on view, and has a pleasant touch characteristics. For walls are great textured wallpaper, the aforementioned wall panels, decorative plaster. The mass of options and, using them, you will not lose centimeters as for sound insulation.

6. The devil is in the details. This phrase applies even to the sound insulation. You should consider your individual circumstances to achieve the maximum effect - the nature of the noise, the type of plan, the material of the walls and stuff. You will not achieve success if you act at random. Instead, read the information, plan everything, consult with knowledgeable people, and only then begin to do.

Though our company and may not much to say about the sound insulation of the walls, but we can quite a lot of things to tell you about the wall panels. Company «Smart Space» has long been engaged in the production of individual furniture. Tables, cabinets, chairs and much more make us not just once or twice. Our employees do not just once or twice confirmed their qualification. So turning to us, you trust the work of the hands of masters.

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