Features a seating arrangement

On the one hand, to the living room There are no special requirements, and no specific, compartmentalized functions, it does not matter. It's just a room where people spend their free time. But this is a superficial view, and a closer look reveals that this room is a set of functions, each of which is important enough to be neglected. This is the room where they meet guests, relax, communicate with relatives, engaged in their hobbies, play, eat food, and yet a lot more then. So that the room should be designed with great skill to use the bathroom was convenient for any action. And the appearance is rather big role, because it is pleasant in a beautiful room, and not just functional. However, this is not an impossible task even for a person who has a superficial knowledge about the interior.

Features a seating arrangement Features a seating arrangement Features a seating arrangement Features a seating arrangement Features a seating arrangement

A much better results, no doubt, will achieve a professional, but also an ordinary man may well create a comfortable and beautiful space. In this article we will look at, so it pays to pay attention to the regeneration of your living room. This is the most obvious points, but even with these simple recommendations, you can achieve very nice results.


By using for this room skillful and reasonable zoning, you can immediately give the room order and distribute furniture and decorative load. Zoning is important in any room, even in the bathroom, let alone in the living room just needed. If you have a studio apartment and living room combined with the kitchen, or she is a part-time more and bedroom, as is the case in typical one-bedroom apartments, the Zoning simply need.

In the case of a combined kitchen you will greatly help bar - the subject perfectly cope with the functions of dining table, but cleverly separates the kitchen area from the living area. If the living room combined with a bedroom, try to take a sleeper single corner - a couch to sleep on the guest not the best way, as he frankly does not possess the required technical parameters. And the feeling of privacy will not be. Sleeping area can be separated bookcases, shutters, thin gypsum wall. Just do not hesitate to use different areas combined floor coverings - tiles in the kitchen area, sleeping in the living room laminate, etc.

If you have a plain, not a combined living, it's still no excuse. forget about zoning. Must be allocated to a soft zone, a zone for a hobby, a reading area, or any other that you need.

The mood

Although the mood is important in any room, but it was in this room in you the most extensive range of options, in contrast to the same cuisine. Since the living room is also a reception for the guests, you do not need to hesitate to use things that will set the mood of the room. This may be the original paintings, murals, tapestries, ethnic, or vice versa, the image in pop art style. There will also be pertinent bright trivial furniture. If you want to give the room a more businesslike and serious style, here you can help natural and artificial wood, simple and concise form, the geometry of the decor. Simply put, depending on what mood you would like to see in the living room, such decor and furnishings should be used. Tip simple but people often forget about it, gaining just some liked the furniture and decor are not thinking about their combination and nature.


In most cases, in the living room has a TV. But this does not mean that this is a mandatory thing. Moreover, more and more often use the TV not as a TV directly, but as a large monitor for games on consoles, watching movies from a computer. In any case, try to place the TV so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight - it has deteriorated visibility

Upholstered furniture

There is a stereotype that living without a couch and a couple of chairs do not. exists. And partly this stereotype confirmed, although it is increasingly possible to meet soft mattresses and floor cushions instead of sofas and armchairs, but it's still a new trend. Incredibly important thing when choosing furniture - very attentive to size. After all, if you have a small room, the massive sofa would look ridiculous, and take up valuable space. It also works the other way around - getting super-compact furniture a large living room, you risk even after a furnished room and feel that the room is empty and unfinished. With bedroom is too often the case - people overestimate their rooms, and then forced to stumble on the corners prohibitively large bed.


The correct carpet only decorate the room. Especially if you choose a more modern models that have nothing to do with the Soviet dust collectors of dull colors. But, not for every style of interior carpet appropriate. And even if it is appropriate to the style you choose, it does not mean that you have to lay it. Carpet living room - this is your personal choice, as the living room, along with hallway, kitchen, bathroom, can perfectly do without a carpet in principle


Adequate natural lighting -. that is what should be present in any room in the house in any style of interior, without exception. So make sure that in your living room were quite large windows. And yet one can add large mirror - lighting it will affect very positively. Old grandmother tulle with heavy curtains - this is not our option, in any style. Prefer more compact embodiments, for example Roman blinds. The same may be appropriate curtains to the floor, but from natural materials, dense enough to protect from light, but does not collect a lot of dust


Decor -. It is simultaneously and the most simple in the arrangement of the living room, and the most difficult. There are several points that need to be very clear to keep in mind. First, the decor is a lot. Sometimes even too much. So do not clutter up the room a thousand absurd Chinese figurines. Like figurines - buy half a dozen, but the quality and significance. Secondly, do not forget about the style of interior. In minimalism is not appropriate Shabby-chic, in Shabby-chic unacceptable loft, the loft is no place for country music, etc. Use decorations that match with your style of interior and adequately complements it

Of course, the main way to success of your living room -. Individual quality furniture. Where this take? Refer to the company «Smart Space» - and you've got even more than expected

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