Errors in the design of low rooms

The interior can be a lot of problems. Too big or too small rooms, custom planning, uneven walls, uneven ceilings, very high ceilings, too low ceilings. And low ceilings - it is a problem on a par with the problem of small rooms. Here, you only need to learn to get along you can not fix this problem and find ways to mask this shortcoming. Of course, the task is not simple - the same small rooms are ubiquitous, can not be said about the low ceilings. Therefore, not every designer can work adequately with this problem. Especially if the designer works primarily with loft interiors - there is something just a characteristic feature is the high ceilings. But it is impossible to name the problem unsolvable. And even without a designer you can quite properly equip the home with low ceilings. The main thing in this case - to understand what can and can not do. And this article is just to help you.

Errors in the design of low rooms

In this article we will tell you what not to do in the interior rooms with low ceilings. Mindful of these nuances, you can even make their own their future interior many times more attractive and more comfortable.

Bright and dark colors

Bright and dark ceiling looks visually lower than it is at the case. It is quite possible, if you have high ceilings, but when you have a low room, it is better to choose something more appropriate. But there are exceptions - black. Black ceiling on the contrary, visually increases the distance to it. Another clever move - the walls and ceiling the same color. Here, too, it is not necessary to use a dark or bright colors, because they can greatly harm the room. But if you want to use pastel colors, you can greatly increase the distance from the ceiling. Only visually, of course, but that's enough. Such an option will look great in bedroom, where the soft colors are very popular.

The horizontal lines

Everyone knows the simple truth - the vertical lines lengthen, but narrow, and the horizontal expand, but do below. So for low room should not use horizontal lines - they're just even more visually reduce the height of the room. Instead, they should choose a horizontal line in the interior - they are doing exactly the opposite thing that is necessary in the case of the low ceilings. In addition, on the same kitchen vertical lines will look appropriate and stylish even, so do not not neglect this trick. Furniture, too, must be chosen so that it seems to be dragged up.


Stucco ceiling robs precious centimeters. And considering the fact that it is most often rounded, ornate and texture, even visually it will take away a lot. So try to avoid it in the case of the low ceilings. Then of course there are exceptions - coffered ceilings. They also rob centimeters, but due to its specific shape visually raise the ceiling. And in living will look just fine, as the caissons themselves very aesthetic. But here too it is necessary to individually assess - whether your ceiling sacrifice those centimeter or better to do simple painting

Massive chandeliers

The massive chandelier hanging obviously were not made for low ceilings.. Firstly, they are visually shorten the height of the room, since they occupy the air space under the ceiling. And secondly, you're guaranteed to offend a chandelier head since the height of the flow does not allow it to hang high enough so that you did not get it. Therefore it is better to give preference to compact ceiling lamps, which are attached firmly to the ceiling. By the way, these types of ceiling lights as appropriate and for children's room, as less likely that children will touch a chandelier.

Massive furniture

The large, squat items visually compress the space, and it works both in breadth and upwards. Therefore, to lower rooms do not choose this furniture. It is much more appropriate to look furniture with simple, clean lines, transparent elements. For example, glass bookshelf. Sofas should choose on high legs, the same applies to chairs. So, it is better to choose furniture made of light wood. Metal, glass and mirror surfaces - this is an excellent solution for low rooms, as they add visual space. For example, a mirrored kitchen apron can be not only interesting interior solutions, but also cunning, which visually add you extra couple of centimeters in the room.

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