Construction of a small bathroom

Of course, despite the development of the interior, there are still many problems that must be solved. For example, one of the most popular problems are the size of a bathroom and a toilet. Small bathroom - a fairly common problem. With it, you can meet in a studio apartment, and the two-bedroom, with the only difference being that in the three-room apartment is likely to be separate bathroom, which though slightly, but improves the situation. And, of course, it gives some problems. Have to save at every centimeter, to reduce the amount of furniture, to find an alternative, and all for the sake of the bathroom at least the required minimum instead. It's sad, but that's the reality - a spacious bathroom deemed absolutely unnecessary luxury, without which it is possible to do. But do not despair, you can always find options that will allow you to gain space.

Construction of a small bathroom

In this article we will tell you about what you can do with a small bathroom in order to make it look more spacious and some furniture to choose, to maximize it saves you space. It is not even very difficult, just need to know what to look for.

Corner sink

In general, any angular furniture can greatly save space, and is usually actively used in the same kitchen . Well, the bathroom the most rational solution would be to use the corner sinks. The main plus is, of course, the compactness of the interior. And yet it is the most rational use of the angle, which is also important. It is better to give preference to small outboard shells. Generally, such a perfect shell frees the passage and seriously used to save space.

The extended countertop

Table tops often extend when they want to add a workspace. So often do with a bar, which replaces the dining table, and it can help greatly in bathroom. Best of all would look countertops from natural stone. By itself, it is a great place to store all sorts of shampoos, gels, creams and other such things. And under the table top is quite possible to put the washing machine, laundry basket and other such things that simply standing against the wall would look not very neat.

The hooks on the door

Often in the hallway, when they want to save space, just hang on wall hooks. But in a small bathroom walls can even be already occupied by shelves or dryer. But if you really need these hooks, you can place them on the door. First, it saves space on the walls. And secondly, on the door of various kinds of bathrobes and towels will not disturb you while you walk around the room.


Mirrors - this is the most well-known way to visually enlarge the space. He also works in the bathroom. After all, without a mirror in the bathroom is still not enough, and space increase with the help of very simple. Select a large mirror without massive frame, if it allows the style of your interior. Next to the mirror place the light source to make the room brighter. But for maximum rationality can purchase a locker with mirrored doors - it's also a good option

Shower instead bath

Bath usually takes a lot of space.. So, if its presence is not essential for you to replace the bath shower. But it is better not to choose a shower tray with a massive, as it immediately will take the saved space. The most economical option - is to equip yourself sink, tiled shower space improvised and install glass doors. It will take more time and effort, but such an option in your soul bathroom will be the most economical, as you define its size.

Hanging toilet

If you have a bath combined with the toilet, it is important to take care of correctly picked up the toilet. Suspended toilets differ much more compact size. They take up less space, and look more carefully. So it's not only reduce the space requirements, but also have a positive impact on the appearance of the room. Drain structure is easy to hide behind a fine finish, which is mandatory if you want the room to look more carefully.

Under Sink Boxes

The space under the sink have to be employed or nightstand drawers. They are needed to store all household chemicals - washing powder, conditioner, washing facilities and sanitary ware, etc. For a small bathroom such tables are often the salvation of gradual cluttering space.

If you want to buy furniture to be made individually by the terms of your bathroom, you should contact the company« Smart Space ». Cooperating with us, you will get not just individual furniture and furniture that will last you for years to come and will delight their appearance and usability.

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