Natural materials

In society there is a perception that natural materials are best, quality, safe and practical. What is quite far from the truth, since most of the materials that are not natural, created to replace their opponents, and for this they should be cheaper, convenient and useful. But while it does not diminish the quality of the first, just not worth it to look at things so one-sided. And certainly it is not necessary to select materials by one criterion - actually their naturalness. Evaluate your choice you need to thoroughly, paying attention to the characteristics of the future conditions of use, desired service life and much more other things. Simply put, as well as to any other choice to the choice of natural materials should be approached very seriously. The very existence of natural wood or stone in the interior will not make that same interior better, it is necessary to consciously choose and implement the right interior.

Natural materials

In this article, we'll just tell you about how to properly use natural materials to ensure that they were appropriate, and only emphasize the beauty of your interior, and not spoiled everything.

Do not overload interior

In most modern interiors of natural materials are a kind of focus and serve more for a room decoration than for any practical purposes. So that they must be used with caution on this fact. This means that you should not overload the interior abundance of natural materials. If you decide that you want in your interior wall panel , then place it against one wall, and, other walls should be decorated with the most simple finished in neutral colors. So you do not overload the interior, but will create an interesting emphasis


The most popular part of the premises, which uses natural wood finish -. This floor. And it must be done correctly in order to even the floor became a decoration element. Firstly, do not hesitate to "shortcomings" of wood - knots, abrasions, raznoton, uneven toning. All this gives the interior vitality, and not show your poverty. Secondly, even the floor is necessary to allocate correctly. For example, in the room to use the painted walls. Best of all floor will stand out against the background of bright walls. The monotony of the walls will be fine contrast with the texture of the floor. For a warm and light wood, which is generally used in bedroom , beige contraindicated the color of the walls, or the floor merges with the ceiling.


In general, natural stone material is rather complicated. The main difficulty lies in the fact that it is cold in itself - and in technical terms, and in the interior. So it should be used sparingly and in the right rooms. For example, in the bedroom would be appropriate accent wall made of stone, but it will need to pick out a warm rest of the interior - an imitation fur, soft linens, etc. Well, at the kitchen stone dining table and even stone floors will look great together, and no adverse effect will not give, since the purpose of the room in completely different.

practicality and durability

in general, natural materials have sufficiently high levels of practicality and durability. Especially if you know what to do. For example, a solid board eventually wear out, but is particularly strong, she does it, if it goes on in the shoe, so that the hall it is better not to possess. On the other hand, it is possible to restore by means of grinding. Engineering and parquet boards are more durable than solid, but they are more difficult to restore.

Natural stone has practically unkillable material, but the same white marble can change the color and stains may remain on it from coffee, tea, wine and etc. But if you know about special varnishes, which can be covered by your Stoneware, you will be protected from such incidents - and this is very important for dining tables .


If you choose furniture made of natural wood, you should know that all of the above also applies in a given situation. It is better to choose furniture without knots, spare parts, in the event that it was easier to polish. Built-in furniture is better to choose one that is made of MDF - the array is high risk of cracks. If you want to create an interesting interior accent, then you will approach countertops made from cut down a tree. Coffee table in living room with a table top can set the mood of the entire room.


But with all the fabrics are not quite perfect. Natural fabrics require special care, as if specifically, they only need to take the dry cleaners. And they can cause allergies that children's room quite uncomfortable. So this is exactly the case when it is better to turn to semi-subsistence tissues


Indoor plants -. One of the long-lasting trends. And they perfectly fit into almost any decor, adding a lived-in room and comfort. But this is only if you can love and care for them. The choice is great - from minimalist succulents and moss, to chic pink bushes. And if you want to plant, but do not want to care for - an artificial plant. The blessing is now able to create such artificial plants that live on not distinguish. So even in the bathroom you can put an interesting shrub, not suffering from special conditions of the room.

no matter how good natural materials, no less important is how well people make of them furnished. Company« Smart Space » just specialized in creating furniture made of natural materials, and we can honestly say that to create high-quality furniture, even from the best materials possible only subject to the availability of quality equipment and qualified personnel. Fortunately, all that we have and our furniture is the highest quality and stylish.

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