How to insulate an apartment without repair

The cold - it's not something that I would like to feel in his apartment. On the contrary, returning from a cold, it would be desirable to enjoy the atmosphere of warmth and comfort. And What here the warmth and comfort when walking on flat drafts and the room temperature below 18 degrees. There can be no relaxation. And it's not necessarily talking about the incompetence of the companies that are responsible for heating our homes. Often the problem is with the small nuances of our property, which, however, spoils our lives. Often, when you realize that the apartment is not very much and it is ready for the cold, it is time to have colds and make repairs to correct missteps, too late. And in such cases, there are a number of recommendations regarding how to insulate their housing, without resorting to full-scale repair. And I must say, these tips are often very effective.

How to insulate an apartment without repair

In this article, we'll just tell you about how to cope with the autumn and winter cold without repair. Although we can not deny that part of the repair -. This is the best way out of the situation

Check the door

non-insulated door can significantly cool not only hallway, but the whole apartment as a whole. So the first step is to check to see if comes through your door. If the drafts have been found, you need to determine where they are going. If they penetrate the gap between the wall and the frame. In this case, you should arm themselves with foam and seal the gap. The second version - directly with poor fit between the door and the frame. Here you can help special sealing tapes, which are sold in DIY stores in abundance - all diameters, which only can be. And the last option - if you have an old door and a heater in them, which is not doing its job. Here you can simply replace the seal. Appearance of the door is likely to be spoiled, but the door will be warmer and safer

Check the box

The second step to the warming house -. Inspection windows. The nursery cold, and you do not know why? Pay attention to the window. Frankly bad windows, which do not stand the cold weather - a rarity, so the most likely reason is the incompetence of installers. Sometimes the window set is not very good faith between the window and the wall are cracks through which the cold and penetrating. Here one way out - use a foam core in order to close the gap

The reflectors on radiators

The reflectors on radiators -. The perfect solution to enhance the heating of the radiators themselves. They can be bought, but you can make yourself from foam thickness of 3-4 mm and is glued to it foil. Such a reflector is located between the wall and the radiator foil side to the heat source. Due to this heat, which took on the wall, it is reflected from the reflector surface and back into the room. Not very aesthetic option, but if bedroom cold, it is one the best one.


Often the cause of the cold in the room may be poorly laid floors. Especially such a problem for the apartments on the first floor, as they are not connected to the lower apartment, where people fired with their living space. And then you can help the carpet. First, the carpet can cover the floors, if they have any gap, that significantly reduces the penetration of drafts. And secondly, carpet itself is much warmer than the floor covering, so that your feet will be much more comfortable.


Curtains do that close thermal circuit facilities and to cold and cold drafts from windows and do not pass through this obstacle. Of course, that they fulfill the task, you need to choose the curtain of heavy and dense fabrics, since they are able to adequately perform barrier functions. Plus, from a decorative point of view, they look very dignified, and even kitchen will look appropriate.

wall panels

Fabrics and leather wall panels, not only decorate the interior, but also It can serve as a good way of insulation without repair. This is especially true in the case when one of the walls out into the street. This one wall is quite possible to close the wall panel and in this case, you not only warm up you room, but also add to the interior an interesting decorative accent. For the kitchen, this option is certainly not fit, but the living room or bedrooms are suitable for this method of insulation is ideal.

Additional heating devices When you have done everything we could, but the results are not particularly impressed, it comes time to recognize that you have at home just is not very good heating. Or an apartment without repair is not warm. In this case, you should purchase additional heaters. The mass of options - from cheap and compact vetroduychikov to infrared heaters. The choice is yours, because only you can assess the need for these devices and your financial capacity to buy them

Warm housing -. It is exactly as important as important and high-quality furniture. And if warming her home you may well do for yourself, here's own furniture, you do not. But to make individual furniture you can company "Smart Space".

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