How to equip a removable room

In our life happens to a lot of different turns. And sometimes all rotated so that live in his own, personal housing is not possible - is your accommodation in the same town, and you learn in the other, his property is not at all. Then you have to live in a rented apartment. But sometimes there are no special features even remove whole apartment, since fun is not cheap. There already have to pay attention to the removable room. This is quite a decent option to which many of us have resorted to different moments of his life. But more often than not removable rooms differ in some particularly good interior. And to live in a nice and cozy room all want. So the only way out - self-equip this room, of course, unless you are sure you will live here for a relatively long time. This step just seems a waste of time and effort, really comfortable room plays an important role.

How to equip a removable room

In a beautiful and cozy room you want to return, it pleases you and gives you strength for new achievements. So throw away all doubts. Moreover, we will give you a series of tips to help relatively quickly and economically equip a room


Wallpaper -. It is relatively inexpensive wall covering, which, moreover, is easy enough to change . But interesting wallpaper can completely change the appearance of the premises. So if the wallpaper in a rented room, you frankly do not like - you pick up more pleasant. Options are usually very much, no matter what you have financial capabilities. Moreover, with the help of wallpaper you can do a lot of interesting things. For example, zoning space with the help of various wallpaper - sleeping area isolate a single color, work to others. Or, you can create an accent wall, three walls are covered with self-colored wallpaper and one - wallpaper with an interesting pattern. In general, the options are many, the main thing -. The desire


People often simply accept the location, which was originally, before they move. Meanwhile, the permutation can make the room look more spacious. To reshuffle was guaranteed to be successful, draw a plan of the room, pre-existing measurements of the room and the furniture in it. And then, based on the size and furniture of the room, just spread on the plan for a new furniture. So you can most effectively divide the room into zones, and for people who rent a room and do not have separate living room and bedroom, zoning is very important.


High-quality bedding, new curtains, interesting blanket, knitted blankets pillows, interesting covers for chairs and armchairs - it will help you to transform a room. First, you can change the color scheme to the one that you prefer. A chair covers or chairs will help to get rid of "undesirable" color, because usually the furniture in the room removable chosen is not the color of eligibility. Secondly, textiles in interior plays an important role, as it adds warmth and comfort room. Important point - the carpet. If you have the room quality flooring, then you can do and do without a carpet. But if they are quite old and shabby, it is better still to buy a beautiful rug. For example, you can buy seminatural carpet with a long nap, which are usually bought for children's rooms . This carpet is easy to clean and is transported.


Of course, you can not add another room chandelier. But it may well buy a table lamp, which is very much will change. In the first place, including the only one lamp on the room, you will create a soft lighting that creates a cozy bedtime. Second, table lamp is very useful to you if you need to work on documents at home, or do homework from the same university, or even just do some fine work in which you need to look closely, what you are doing hands.


Often removable room decor neglected. And very much in vain, because the decor usually creates a home, and a comfortable living atmosphere in the room. So do not hesitate to buy a couple of pictures, posters and figurines that will please you with its appearance. But try to pick them up so that they were with the overall interior design "on the same wavelength," or they may conflict, and because of this, the interior does not look organic and interconnected. Just do not need to and go to far with the decor, it also has a negative impact on the overall interior

Well, when you're back on track and gain their housing -. Please contact company «Smart Space» . We can help you arrange your accommodation, and individual furniture, which is our core competence, you will also be very helpful. Moreover, our furniture, and more will give you consistently high quality, both material and of the performance.

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