Decorative wall panels

There are many ways to decorate your home. From decorative finishing and finishing decorations. What are the options to choose - this is a decision for the owner directly. But no one would argue that the quality flooring, beautiful walls and interesting furniture upholstery play an important role. Moreover, such methods do not take up interior decoration of the place - they simply perform their duties, and their decorative features are just a nice bonus. However, the wall panels are something of a cross between a decor for decor and beautiful furnishings and wall coverings. They have certain functions that they perform, but they are often used in the interior just as a decoration, without thinking about their practical qualities. There are many types of wall panels, each of which has its own characteristics and application.

Decorative wall panels

And, to enjoy not only the beauty of the wall panels, but also the benefit, these properties should know. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular types of wall panels and also tell you exactly where they are most needed.

Gypsum panel

More this kind is called 3D panels. They are remarkable in that they have a spectacular topography and quite a wide range of colors. The interior chief office or meeting room, they will look very expensive and aesthetically pleasing. such as panels for homes fit in if you have a large property. And then, it is often to the house, they look too elaborate and massive. These panels are very afraid of moisture, so it is clear that neither the bathroom nor they are not suitable for the kitchen. As well, they should not be hang out there, where they are easily damaged, as though they have a rather solid structure, but the relief can be easily scratched or recapture that very negative impact on the general form.

Wooden panel

Wooden wall paneling - a classic of the genre. They can do both natural wood and MDF, particleboard, veneer. Depending on the material and the presence of fine wood cost can vary. In general, the spread in prices is so great that they can be purchased by people with very different levels of income. Design can also be quite different - from laconic and minimalist models used as the cladding and to elaborate and complex, are used as accent walls. Use wooden wall panels can be in virtually any room, even in the kitchen, if it is not natural wood, and MDF.

Fabric panels

Fabric hinged panels look very soft and comfortable. And yet, they have some good soundproofing properties. They did the same principles as the furniture - a solid basis for filler and padding. In commonly used as upholstery fabric dense monochromatic. These wall panels look very expensive, but it does not catch the eye. Yes, and they are appropriate, perhaps, only in bedroom . Place them only on one wall, making her accent. They have one major drawback - clean them need professional vacuum cleaners, or they very quickly clogged with dust and of decoration become a pest

Leather panel

Leather panels made approximately on the same principle. as the fabric, although possible options when the skin is fitted by only a solid foundation, without a soft filler. But such a wall panel, obviously, are located much higher price segment than their fabric counterparts, and it is precisely because of the upholstery material. Apart from genuine leather and artificial can be used, but it is important that it was high quality. Such panels look very expensive and impressive. And, of course, more than one wall in the room to hang them makes no sense, otherwise the room will be oversaturated with a leather texture. Positioning these wall panels worth to see, after all boast such an expensive and beautiful thing is not a shame. So Living - perfect location

One. profiles of company« Smart Space » is just the creation of the wall panels. We are not the first year working with such requests and can offer the consumer a wide range of materials and designs. So if your home or office need quality wall panel - feel free to contact us

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