Secrets of the interior on the cover

Probably each of us once in my life seen an incredibly beautiful pictures of the interior, from the sophistication and elegance that simply breathtaking. Looking at these pictures, one can not help think about the fact that such an interior would like to move in its housing. This is not surprising, because the interior photos usually look just fine. But the reality is different. And even if you completely copied the interior, it is quite e will give you a guarantee that it will be as beautiful as the photo. And all because of these photos are professionals in their field. And they are making every effort to ensure that the photos looked appealing. In addition, photos s estimate with a margin of reality - we do not walk between the furniture, do not use items. And this means that we do not know how useful such an interior from a practical point of view.

Secrets of the interior on the cover

In this article we will tell you that the same is done to the interior in the photo looked the most profitable and aesthetically.

color scheme

Perhaps the first designer business and decorators working on a color scale. For example, the apartment can be cleaned and permutated chairs or ottomans, if they do not fit into the overall picture. The same applies to the decor. Other curtains, as if carelessly left in a plaid frame - all this creates an overall picture. But in reality, such a color harmony breaks down quickly into component without an adequate base.

And the colors in the photo, most likely, "the collapse" will not stand, since all its elements have been collected only for the frame.

The ideal procedure

Usually, the photographs we see what many call the perfect order. Although it will be correct to say that this is an unrealistic order. After all, the room is usually cluttered with details that some scatter stylish design flair premises - left the book, standing roughly shoes, fun decorative pillow in living room, which does not fit into the interior, but like you personally. These items appear inevitable. And before shooting any traces of lived-in are removed.

The ideal decor

Often used on the set of specially purchased for the purposes of the set decor. And the selection of the designer decor takes a very long time and thoughtfully. But home decor, on the contrary, are often removed because, according to the designer, it can not perfectly match the interior. Moreover, and placed it on a strict decor designer to plan, even at the expense of functionality. But the functionality is the same bathroom into account is not taken, because all planned only for the sake of a photo.


of course, no ordinary light is used for shooting, and a special, studio. And believe me, properly placed lighting can greatly affect the interior - favorably emphasize the necessary elements of the interior, slightly obscured by unnecessary colors become more intense and expressive. Even very dark and gloomy bedroom can turn into the room with a soft, intimate and a cozy semi-darkness.

The Bold solutions

Often, to engage the people in the photographs are made bright and expressive accents. It can be elegant moldings, exquisite large sofa, two-level bar. It is also often used bright, bright colors. But here it is important to understand that often it is only in the photo looks good. But in reality, the bright colors quickly start to bore or annoy. A large sofa only takes place, and walk around the room becomes uncomfortable. Often bold decisions in the photos have nothing to do with practical facilities and are designed only to catch that examines a photo.

Shooting and Processing

Of course, a huge role is played by photographer . He adjusts the light, he chooses the perspective, and it is further processed photos. And this is a big job. With the help of special programs photographer can align the color, remove the excess, wipe accidentally fallen into the mote. And the result of his work is the photo with the perfect bathroom.

But on something may not affect any photographer or designer. This high-quality furniture. At this point no matter how Put the picture as not pick accessories, if the furniture is not so, then there is nothing you can do about it. So if you want to buy quality furniture - contact company« Smart Space ». Our furniture looks great and without any tricks.

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