The bright design of the bathroom

The soft, pastel colors are universal - they create a calm, peaceful atmosphere, calm, relax. But they will not wait on the bright bursts of emotion, as often happens with bright interiors. Therefore, it is not uncommon on a par with soft and soothing colors people want to see the colors are bright and intense - to bring to life the fun and liveliness. The bathroom needed vibrant colors to make it easier to wake up in the morning and get positive emotions after a hard day, soaking in the tub. And this is really important. But it's not only about the colors - bright and interesting interior includes an interesting furniture, the right decor, good color combinations. So this article we will shine that describe the bright interior design variants for the bathroom - what furniture, what color, what kind of decor is to choose, so that your bathroom was bright in every sense

The bright design of the bathroom

Bright green

The green color is perceived by us as something dynamic, happy, cheerful, lively. Therefore, in the bathroom, he would be more than appropriate, but still it is very popular in the kitchen , but for other reasons.

But, of course, the green should be used wisely. Best of all the accents of this color will look on concise, neutral manner and the best option is white. But depending on what tone green color you choose may vary, and the general mood of the room. Pistachio will look easy and free, fir add in interior depth and elegance, forest green will create a positive and energetic interior. The choice is yours.

Hanging furniture

No doubt hanging furniture looks very stylish and urban. And bathroom it may be more than appropriate, since it is not will account for a large load. The advantage of this furniture also in the fact that it makes a visually more spacious room that is important for the tank room. In addition to furniture, you can pay attention to the suspended toilets, sinks. Again, stylish, minimalistic and elegant

The panel in the bathroom

The panel of mosaics -. A great way to decorate a room. Panels of wood can often be found in living room, well, like panels of mosaic created bathroom. And you may like to draw a simple geometric pattern, without the help of professionals and hire experts in their field and using mosaics portray the wall something highly artistic and refined.


Even despite the fact that the bathroom is perceived as a room-function, it does not mean that it does not need to decorate. Simple methods of decoration should be adjusted to the specifics of the room. mirror in a beautiful frame, interesting wall lights, all the same panels, even pictures - everything is quite can decorate the bathroom and make it many times more interesting than it would be without decoration.

the laconic lines

at the moment, concise, simple and clean lines are the trend. So that furniture, plumbing must be chosen to match. Deliberate simplicity often decorates the interior, as it does not carry the goal to stand out and attract their fanciful appearance, but on the contrary - blends harmoniously with its surroundings, forming a coherent composition. It certainly does not mean that you need to purchase only the clear, rectangular furniture. Just try to avoid curls, thread and other such.

Bathroom furniture should be not only beautiful, but also resistant to moisture. In stores, you can not be sure one hundred percent availability of quality, but if you go to company« Smart Space », you are guaranteed to receive what you need. Reasonable prices, high speed performance and high quality of services - this is exactly what our customers like

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