New solutions in the kitchen arrangement

Each room from time to time need to have implemented in its interior a variety of innovation and change. This is justified not only from the point of view of the ever-changing fashion trends, but also due to the fact that modern technology can significantly improve your life. But in general innovation may be in different areas, both in technique and style in the interior, materials, accessories, etc. Many believe such changes whim and do not seek to change something in the room, but such a loop on all the usual simply will not give you the opportunity to improve your life. The best option - when on updating your interior work professional interior designer. After all, they have a much more extensive knowledge of how to shape the interior in each individual case. But even without this you can do, if you carefully examine your available sources of information.

New solutions in the kitchen arrangement

In this article we will tell you about what is happening now with the new kitchen interior. After all, for the kitchen to keep up with the times it is necessary, otherwise this room quickly become obsolete and lose their functionality. And here are a couple of interesting new ideas that can be implemented in the interior of the room.

Combined kitchen

Now the studios are becoming more popular because they are an excellent compromise between space savings and the presence of the same space. Naturally, combine the both of these options allows you to correct zoning. And most often zoned open plan kitchen living.

This is much easier than it seems, and there are quite a number of options for how this can be done. You can start with the sofa located in the middle of the room, which, as it separates one area from another, clearly distinguishing between them. Can continue using bar counters, has many useful options for their use and perfectly zoned premises even without auxiliary methods such as a different color of walls and flooring in different parts of the room. And to finish, you can special transparent acrylic or glass panels that are gracefully bisect the room, but do not eat up space due to their transparency.

Built-in appliances

Who would not want to fit perfectly in size kitchen, without gaps and the difference in height of various household appliances? Perhaps this dream of the vast majority of housewives, especially from those that are very serious about cleanliness at kitchen. Time spent at the otdraivaniem all these periods, which fell to cutlery - everything is literally tearing our souls. But thanks to the minimalist concept of built-in equipment is now coming to a new level. Stainless steel plus black glass allow you to create a completely flat and smooth surface.

Moreover, built-in kitchen can be more relevant than in the spacious kitchen, and a small. The spacious kitchen all appliances are arranged horizontally, ie as we always used to. Well, the actual option is the vertical arrangement of small size kitchens. And any variant built-in appliances will look organic and stylish.


Of course, nobody wants to clutter up the room an abundance of items. Therefore, it is the popularity of various furniture from place to store items, well, the kitchen is actively used multifunctional objects and equipment. Take the same ovens - they can now and steamed, and just warm up, and work in the grill mode. This property is the most pronounced in the technology, but also simple furniture is not far behind - the same bars are often used as a dining tables, and as a place to store some kitchen things.

«Smart" Technology

«Smart" Technology is only now on the way to the introduction of our everyday lives, but the majority it can not fail to recognize that it can to make life as simple as possible. Smart kettles can be controlled using a smartphone, and exactly to your arrival you will have hot water. With the help of the same smartphone, you can turn on the air conditioner in bedroom and just as easily turn it off, not even when you're home.

Function delayed start is generally used for a long time, and talking about it is almost meaningless. Smart cooktops create several heating zones and make it easy to maintain the temperature, and to manage them simply elementary. Of course, the final form of all this - the system of "smart home", but individually they can greatly improve the life

Open Storage System

Just five years ago, no one could conceive of. that the open shelves and cupboards in the kitchen will become so popular. The vast majority confidently cast their votes closed shelves. But now everything has changed, and open storage system comes to the fore. After all, it is much easier to use - do not have anything open-close, it is easier to see what is on the shelf. But it is important to understand that this is completely storage few moves as publicly display pans, spare utensils, etc. So the best option would be a combination of open and closed storage. Moreover, not only in the kitchen but also in the hallway too.

The new trend in the kitchen - it is certainly nice, but the trend remains the most important one, and eventually it will not change. High quality and beautiful furniture is needed, regardless of trends. But where to find such furniture so that it fits perfectly in your kitchen, and you would be perfectly comfortable to use it? Of course, cjmpany Smart Space. We create furniture made to order, so you do not have to worry about how she will approach you or will not work. And the quality of goods offered by us often head and shoulders above what is offered in most furniture stores. So if you contact us, you are guaranteed to not regret his decision to the contrary, you are guaranteed to come back to us more than once or twice.

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