Creative and play area in the nursery

Every caring parent wants to provide their child with all the highest quality, the best. It is a natural desire, as parents there is nothing more expensive than their child. And the very first thing parents can give their child - it's convenient and beautiful room in which it will live. The living space is very important, especially for children, because there he will sleep and learn, and play, and communicate with friends. Therefore, it should be as efficiently and expertly executed. No wonder many parents are turning to designers to precisely then that they created the interior design for a child's room. And designers are happy to undertake, as the work on the children's room is always interesting - like going back to childhood. But if you do not want to contact the designer, you can try yourself to work on the interior of a child's room.

Creative and play area in the nursery

Articles about the children's rooms have been many, but particularly in that we focus on the creative and play area, which must be present in a child's room as well as games and work directly affect the child's development and disclosure of his talents. And we will talk about what should be a game and a creative zone, and how it should change with the maturing of your offspring.

Up to 3 years

children learn to sit, crawl In this period of life, walk, learn to play. So the first thing in the play area a child's room should appear carpet. But not any carpet fit. Naturally, the "grandmother" carpet is rejected at once - all at least once in their lives received carpet burns from the hard pile, and it does not look aesthetically pleasing. Carpet with a long nap just do not fit. The best option - a soft carpet with a medium pile, made of semi-synthetic materials. Such a formulation will simplify the care of the carpet - it will accumulate less dust, and it will be easier to clean. Furniture for gaming zone selected on the basis of the child's growth. Soft cushions and poufs in the form of animals is a great option. Just position where a small but well-mounted regiment, which will be located, and baby toys. But clay, paints, pencils and other things for the development of better clean away - a child can easily eat paint or clay, so that such things he should play only under parental supervision

3-5 years

At this age, all children love to build any shelter. So in the play area will be completely appropriate you made tent - so the child will have its "secret place", which he will be extremely happy. As for creativity, in this age, children already understand that you can not do, so that any creative accessories you can safely trust them. So, you can make a stand on which are hung the children's drawings. As well, it would be nice to hang slate - a good thing, as in the play area, and on kitchen . Only in the nursery on it will draw a child, and in the kitchen, you can write to her recipes.

5-7 years

In this period of life the child is already growing up, so that the playing area It should be slightly modified. Shelter has already lost its relevance, but will have more toys, which will need storage space. Do not deny children is that they can use to decorate your room posters and posters with their favorite characters. So, this time in front of the school, so it's important to make sure that in the children's room there was a desk

7-10 years

School years -. A difficult time for a child. Among other things, play area loses its relevance, at least for now more in demand. Yet the child more time to creativity, learning and socializing with friends. So that the children's room is now performs more functions and living. But toys can greatly detract from it all, so try to find them a good way to store, for example, the chest. And though you think a child has grown up, do not deny him that he could safely play while he is still interesting. But the playing area should be reduced in size, but the creative part of it the other way around - you can extend

10-12 years

This period of life characterized by the fact that the play area away from natural causes. into oblivion - children prefer to communicate, be creative, and to learn to walk. So instead of playing area you should equip a room for receiving guests - a couple of chairs, a coffee table and bags are ideal. But at the same time highlight the sleeping area - because children's plays and bedroom too and very few people like to be staring at his bed. Remember that goes on adolescence and creating interior of a child, you already need to consult with your child in the first place, in order to make him feel comfortable and understand that parents listen to him.

High-quality custom-made furniture for children's rooms - that can offer you company« Smart Space ». We have successfully completed more than one or two such projects, so that we have considerable experience in this difficult matter. Contact us and see for yourself.

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