Tropical style in the interior

Exotic countries beckon us with their originality, brightness, unusual. The interiors in the African, Indian, Arabian style seems to us something so special and fascinating, that we gladly Equips your home, based on some kind of exotic style for us. And one of the interesting, particular and expressive style of the interior is a tropical style. This is not surprising, because the tropics for us to associate with bright green and flowers, heat, high humidity, unusual animals and birds. Bright colors, vivid impressions - that's what people expect from a similar interior. Although this style is not so widespread as the Scandinavian, or eco-style, but he, too, is worthy of attention, and even careful consideration. After all, in the summer heat, he will recall the lush greenery, and in the winter will delight associations with hot summers. Its advantage is also in the fact that in the interior it is quite simple to implement.

Tropical style in the interior

In this article we'll tell you how, without resorting to designer, to create an interior in a tropical style


Not very important, but, undoubtedly, appropriate solution would be to purchase bedding with exotic prints. It can be floral motifs - trees, flowers. A picture may be beach scenery. Even the bed linen with a gradient from yellow to blue or pink to blue is quite able to create the right atmosphere in the bedroom . The main thing - not to neglect the quality for the sake of coloring


The white color is the perfect base for a tropical style.. First, it visually expands the space and makes it lighter and easy. Second, this color brings positive emotions, which is also important. And third, the white background will smooth out the bright colors of this style, which will make the interior more soft and comfortable in everyday life. Otherwise you risk to overdo it with the brightness and dynamism.


Despite the fact that the foundation has to be white, it does not mean that it is not necessary to use the wallpaper with prints in the form of tropical insects , birds, plants and flowers. On the contrary, they are just perfect for accent walls. As well, they are appropriate and as a base coat, but only if the image on the wallpaper is not too bright and plentiful.


Bright prints on decorative pillows, blankets and other accessories will add to interior highlights. For example, juicy pineapple or kiwi image on decorative pillows in the living room will make the room more cheerful and positive. A curtain in bath room with a picture of flamingos add a room individuality and originality. Do not be shy or funny durachlivyh prints - they, too, are of great importance, since they are part of your individual choice


Decor tropical style must be chosen theme.. It can be tropical birds, like the toucan or the same flamingos. An interesting solution may be a panel painting depicting a jungle landscape. Even wallpapers can be a wonderful solution, but only if you buy wallpaper with high-quality printing

Kitchen Apron

Naturally, kitchen interior also worth adding tropical notes. And the best place for this - kitchen apron. Here you can roam as you please. Apron can be depicted birds, insects, flowers, plants, landscapes, jungle and beaches. In general, everything that comes into your head and fit in the color scheme.


In general, for the style of the interior is quite acceptable concise and simple furnishings with clean lines. But a good supplement can serve as wicker furniture. A rocking chair or a simple wicker chair, even an ordinary chair. Such furniture will add authenticity to the interior and a tropical atmosphere.

Actually, whatever furniture you do not need, you can buy it in the company« Smart Space ». We have enough experience in order to assert that we can cope with even the most non-standard orders.

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