How to choose furniture for small apartments

Not all of us can afford a larger apartment. Here the role played by the price of the issue, since it is obvious that the larger apartments are more expensive. As well, plays an important role advisability of buying, because why would a man who lives alone need two-bedroom apartment. And, if the decisive role played by the location of the apartment in a particular area, it is not always apply. Well, some just like a small apartment. But all this does not excuse to somehow limit myself regarding the interior of your premises. But problems can arise at the stage of selection of furniture. Therefore, many are looking for options for how beautiful, interesting and rationally arrange their small apartment. Of course, it makes more sense to entrust this question to the expert, but not everyone can afford such waste. But some just do not want to contact other people and want to do everything on their own.

How to choose furniture for small apartments

In this article, we will tell you about what you should look for when choosing furniture in the apartment, if it has a modest footage. These tips will help you to accommodate everything you need and still leave space to move.

The storage system

For small apartments fundamentally important the right storage system. Otherwise, every room, from the living room to the bathroom will be filled with things - it will look sloppy, and to live in this apartment uncomfortable. So try to maximize efficient use of every centimeter of his home. In the kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, a bed with storage place, etc. This will help you keep clutter to a minimum space and you do not have to look for, where to store the winter blankets, seasonal clothes and shoes, an extra set of dishes for guests and other little things in life.


As you might guess, the main problem is a small apartment in its scale. So, choosing furniture, keep in mind this caveat, and select commensurate furniture items. Small sofa and a couple of small chairs will look at living in better times, and the interior will be look more spacious than it used to be a large sofa and one large armchair. Although you are using more subjects. Well, if a large sofa, for example, for you - a fundamentally important point, it is best to try to use the same colors that are used in the coating of the walls, so that it seemed to merge with the wall. This simple trick will help to visually reduce the size of the occupied space.

Visual Effects

Various contrivances great help to visually expand the space. And in small apartments you'll have to use these methods. Of course, no longer will be in fact the space, but the sense of space appears that the same is an important point. For example, mirror excellent can visually expand a small hallway, and if it is a source of light, and increase the level of artificial lighting, which is important for rooms without windows. You can still use a transparent furniture - glass or plastic. It is also pertinent to the glossy surface, including metal. Just keep in mind that the above materials will make your room very "cold", if you overdo it. So use them deliberately and dosed

The Bed

How would you not want to save on space, the bed -. This is not a subject on which would be worth saving. Even if you have a standard one-bedroom apartment and a separate bedroom no better block off corner in the living room. Sleep on the bed at times better than on the same sofa bed. This explains the higher quality mattress, and a very specific purpose. When you go to bed, you know exactly what you are using it with a very specific purpose, while on the couch, you can read, watch TV, etc. In addition, the quality of the mattress depends on the health of your back and your comfort during sleep, which is important as well.

The compact furniture

Of course, it is not necessary to be zealous. However, folding dining tables, chairs, countertops may well greatly facilitate your daily life. After all, to enjoy these items you will only need, but they will be stacked and occupy too much space will not be at the usual time. Of course, you can remember about sofa beds, but they are usually quite heavy, because of what will occupy the space in the living room.

High-quality and rationally chosen furniture in general can significantly transform the interior. However, for small rooms, especially with non-standard layout, choose the furniture can be quite difficult. To simplify your life and not run to the shops in search of the very furniture, just contact company «Smart Space» . We are engaged in the creation of individual furniture, and our services are at a high enough level to ensure that you will be satisfied with the quality and speed of their implementation.

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