Trends in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style - a perfect combination of minimalism, eco-style and notes of Mediterranean style. He very quickly fascinates with its appearance and makes it impossible to be disappointed. Now it is one of the most popular decorating styles, and use it very often. Of course, this style can not be called cheap and affordable. Its implementation and further care of the premises will require from you a substantial infusion of resources, both financial and time. But instead of this style offers you peace, tranquility, spaciousness and slightly frosty freshness inherent in the Scandinavian countries. Even visually the interior looks like a work of art, but not only in the beauty of this style of interior. To the interior was required space, the Scandinavian style is very skillfully uses the ergonomics and use of more efficient storage system, which is also quite important and useful.

Trends in Scandinavian style

So fans maximize space and minimalism will find in this interior style very many advantages. As with any other style of the interior, you can find their trends in Scandinavian style. And for them, we now discuss, the more that these trends may well be applied to related styles of interior.


The blue color in the Scandinavian style acts specifically as an accent color, rather than as a full participant in the interior. Blue pillow on decorative pillows in living room, which is made in white color - it's almost classics of the genre. They are used in almost all shades of blue - from indigo to deep dark blue. The bottom line is that the blue perfectly with the gray and white, is not conflicting with them, but adds interior depth and expressiveness.

A true minimalist

The essence of Scandinavian interior that all should be enough. No need to restrain themselves, depriving the important objects of the interior, but also to fill the space with unnecessary items, too, is not necessary. It's kind of a rational, focused on minimalism comfort. And this is not unreasonable, since, following this concept, the interior is not full of things and remains ample and free, but it does not lose its convenience. For example, even the smallest kitchen this approach has all the chances to look spacious.

Decorative storage system

This trend is only gaining in popularity, but it is aesthetically pleasing appearance has been appreciated by many. The bottom line is that the storage used unusual and stylish hangers, organizers, shelves. They can be used not only for its intended purpose, but simply as a decoration. And it's quite an interesting solution, since thanks to such things, you can significantly reduce the amount of conventional, non-functional decor in the room, without losing its beauty. For any room is the perfect solution, as in the room there are only necessary and useful things, but the interior still looks stylish and elegant.

Anti hi-tech

The utility of modern gadgets and technology It can not be overstated, because they are incredibly simplify our lives. But at the same time, from all this technological progress need to rest, at least so say some designers. For Scandinavian style space availability, free of all the technological stuff, is another newfangled trend. No one says you have to completely deprive the apartment benefits of civilization. But bedroom , for example, may well act in the role of the room in which no TV, a laptop, but there are books, natural fabrics and materials.


it is enough for a long time, the skin was not typical for Scandinavian interior, even despite the fact that it is a natural material. Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that this material is very complicated and pretentious, it is often associated with glamor and wealth, and such association is not typical for the Scandinavian style. But the time came when the skin is still implemented in the Scandinavian interior, so much so successful that it has become a new trend. But it is important to realize that here we are talking about the shabby, deliberately roughened skin. Yes, and its use is very specific - as upholstery for chairs and armchairs. No sofas. In addition, it is better not to use a universal black leather, and more natural colors - brown, reddish, etc.

The Bed Tent

At first glance, the Scandinavian interior can not give. nothing interesting child, since it is designed for a more mature audience with a vision to differ materially from children. But even then there were some very interesting compromises. In particular, the wigwams just in the interior children's rooms, as children are very fond of such things. And as an option, the lodge set on a bed, in the region of the head to cover up from the morning sun. This interior solution will make more children's playroom, without losing the basic style.


We all remember how ten years ago were popular posters with calendars for a year. It had a lot of options - one sheet, Flip calendars, tear-off calendars. Then their popularity has diminished. And now they are coming back in a more stylish way. Of course, for the Scandinavian interior calendars used in minimalist style to fit into the interior. They are used instead of the paintings and the usual posters as decoration.

monochrome décor

Even though today black-and-white interior and ceases to be so popular, but the monochrome decor is still relevant and is now being actively implemented in Scandinavian interior design. Trend of the season - black and white stripes. The decor in black and white stripes will perfectly fit into any room, whether it's a bathroom or bedroom. The monotone light interior decor such pep, but do not disturb the general feeling of calm and peace, inherent in the Scandinavian style interior.

Furniture Scandinavian style also should be special. There will not work most of the models offered in retail stores, as they are calculated on the average interior. The best solution is to purchase custom-made furniture for companies that create individual furniture. For example, you can go to company« Smart Space ». We offer not only original concepts, but also the high quality of products offered.

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