Trends this winter

It is a natural desire - slightly change its interior after the change of seasons. After all, every season has its own charm, and in each there are things that would like to get. For example, in the summer I want to hide from the heat and see the house lightness, spaciousness and coolness in the interior. Spring want to see a reflection of the violence of greens, which takes place on the street. In the autumn I want to add to the interior comfort and autumn nostalgia. Well, I want to feel at home in winter cosiness, comfort and warmth that we do not meet on the street. So do not be surprised that at every season designers are their trends, which give consumers what they want it. And this winter is no exception. So in this article we have compiled the most interesting winter trends that will help you not only get what you want, but also to make your interior more stylish.

Trends this winter

Also, it is very important that you understand that the trends - it is not an order to take action. You are free to choose what you like and what you feel cozy and comfortable for myself.

Alternative Scandinavia

The Scandinavian style in the traditional sense a little fed up. He certainly has many advantages and strengths, but many believe that he was too often used. The essence of this trend that became increasingly used bright colors, more materials. So the style has expanded and acquired a greater variety, the colors and shapes. So what new and interesting color combinations in your living may revive the mood, do not contrary to this style of interior.

Hidden door

These doors are a relatively recent and long time designers were sizing them evaluated their aesthetic and practical qualities. But now, to appreciate the present invention, more often in the interior began to appear, such doors -. Without casings and if merging with the wall

The Dark electrician

Sockets and switches in matt black - here's another popular novelty. The main advantage - it is, of course, universal. They are suitable for most modern interiors and can be not only functional elements, but just as interesting accents.


Geometry in bathroom - interesting and very stylish trend. Especially designers liked hexagons. And the easiest way to apply this trend to tile. Hexagonal tiles looks very interesting, but it is formed from a non-standard "pattern" cell looks good and without any frills.


The main "woody" trend this winter is called a nut. It is understandable - is relatively available wood species which has a pleasant appearance and worthy technical parameters. So

Hue "shady spruce» wall panel walnut in any room will be the place.

The dark green, dense and deep color allows you to make the room more noble, more interesting and expressive. Use it in different ways - on accent walls, upholstered furniture, decor and accessories. But especially good this color looks on velvet -. Green velvet chair may well be the very raisins interior, which you do not have enough

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