Stylish and practical, small kitchen

A small kitchen - it's just a classic of contemporary realities. Apartments with a really big kitchen - it's usually three bedroom apartments or more. One-bedroom apartments or studios often large size of the kitchen can not boast. So you have to look for options on how to be comfortable and beautiful place in a small room with all necessary furniture and equipment. And it is quite difficult, because a lot of things and they are quite marker - gas cooker, fridge, sink, kitchen cabinets, dining table. And that's just the minimum program, as some need more and microwave, multivarka and other technological advances charms. So if just in any order to equip the kitchen small size, it will either inconvenient or ugly. Or both at once. Well, if you are still interested in the fact that the kitchen was beautiful and comfortable - you need to follow the advice of designers

Stylish and practical, small kitchen

The designers have long known how to work with small kitchens, as in this area the majority of members of the profession has a rather big experience. And in this article we will tell you about the most common methods that are used for the improvement of such facilities.

Simple Solutions

This is a great kitchen you can afford to implement some non-standard solutions of planning, artful decor. But a small room such decisions will not accept. Because it will be easier than the furniture, drawing on the wallpaper, decor, the better. Simple solutions can visually expand the space due to the fact that they do not bring in the interior of unnecessary detail, distracting the attention. Even the parts can take up some space, which is also a negative impact on the ergonomics of the room. This principle works in general in all the rooms. But in the kitchen, he is particularly important because, for example, carving on chairs or legs dining table can accumulate grease and dust, which adversely affect the appearance of the room, and on the process of cleaning, too

The bright colors

The bright and warm colors in the interior of the kitchen -. it is one of the most important decisions for a small room. Not necessarily stop your choice on white - there are lots of other colors that can be used. For example, peach, light blue, pistachio, powdery, etc. It does not limit you, but light colors visually expand the space, make it Bole spacious and light, and this is exactly what you are seeking. In general, from a practical point of view, small kitchen will always be a little crowded, as there are still many necessary items, without which it can not do. Therefore, we must pay attention and visual way to expand the space - they hide the fact that you can not change

color zoning

Roughly speaking, the kitchen is divided into two zones -. Dining and working. And the most efficient way of zoning in these conditions - this is the color zoning. This option does not take place, but it gives an obvious effect. The easiest option highlight the work area - an expressive apron. By zoning the color for the best effect, you can add more light and zoning. Hang a light fixture above the working area, and over the dining table - different. So you highlight the most important room in the area and provide a good level of lighting, which is important. These methods of zoning, by the way, you can often see more and nursery.

modern technology

This paragraph implies not only the use of modern compact equipment, but also the modern models of furniture. Corner furniture Corner shelves with sliding, folding tables, folding chairs - all this can not only carry the practical benefits, but also look very interesting and strong. In addition, most of the systems, such as "cargo", have more and high ease of use that is important as well. According to the results, getting such furniture, you will not only save space, but also improves the usability of the kitchen as a whole. As far as modern technology, at the moment there is a huge set of compact ovens, microwave ovens and other appliances which are worthy of doing their job and take several times less space than a more "adult" model. In general, modern technology in furnishing relevant in any room, even in the bathroom and not just in the kitchen.

The right furniture

This paragraph refers to the overall style of furniture gleaned. The obvious point - choose the least massive furniture. As well as possible better to abandon the curtain closed cabinets, as they are very narrow space. Here it is better to opt for the open shelves - they are just as convenient, and visually expand the space. Another option - a tall cabinet in the ceiling. Such a model would look enough style and there is ample space for storing utensils and other kitchen stuff, even for a large family.

If you want a nice little kitchen, but do not want to bother with a selection of furniture? Refer to the company Smart Space. We will create individual furniture for your kitchen, and believe me, it will be much better than what you can offer any store.

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