Solutions in the design, changing the interior

The interior design - a kind of art. And, like any creative people to achieve something in this area, you need a lot to learn, practice and always follow the modern trends. All of this - quite a complicated process, and most importantly, an interior designer can not stop to learn something new and use only the knowledge acquired earlier, since so much depends on how smartly you learn new trends in the field, learn from them to work and to introduce them in their projects. It is also an important skill for a designer is the ability to transform the interior, make it more interesting and deeper, adding to it a couple of details that would be appropriate in a given interior. And just about such design solutions in the interior, we now discuss. After all, this knowledge can be useful and ordinary people who want to make your interior more interesting.

Solutions in the design, changing the interior

But the most important thing to remember - all that will be listed later, is not a universal option for all occasions, and is relevant only for the appropriate style interior

Partitions from glass


Glass partitions look very stylish and urban. Practically any modern interior, their presence can create very interesting interior accent. The main advantage of such partitioning is that, despite the fact that they really are zoned premises, while they do not visually reduce it due to the fact that are made of glass. A glass completely prevents the penetration of light and creates obvious obstacles to the sight. The use of such partitions is incredibly appropriate, if you have a combined living room with kitchen . After a glass partition can be a serious obstacle to the spread of "kitchen" smell.

TV picture

It is expensive, but a very interesting device. The essence of it is that this device can throw any family photos, or images of paintings by famous artists, and she would translate them. Thus, you get to put in one place for several images that are dear to your heart and you will see them all. And in order to change the picture you will not need to buy a new one, it suffices to find a suitable image on the Internet and download it. It can certainly seem that these small goals is too expensive toy, and it is absolutely correct opinion. But if you have a chance to buy such a device - then why not, especially in the interior living it will look very interesting.

Non-standard door

Usually, people opt for standard doors that just fit in color and style, not particularly thinking over the choice. But the doors can also become attractive interior accents. For example, you can buy a door, on which the entire length of any figure will be displayed. Or purchase the door, accent colors. The glass door can also be an interesting solution, but if you do not put it in the bathroom . Just enough to frequent the door with an interesting texture. In general, the choice is great, the main thing - to choose an interesting option

Ethnic motives

The ethnic elements in a restrained or even minimalist interior -. It is very stylish and interesting. They will add liveliness room, lived-in, and will look just amazing as the minimalistic interior for such things is a great background. A good idea can be moldings, or characteristic carpets. Also, you can buy a pillow. Options ethnic elements weight - you only need to choose what you taste. But remember that the basis must be exactly discreet and minimalistic style, but it creates a suitable basis for an interesting accent.

An unusual chandelier

Now on the market there are many non-standard and original chandeliers. Moreover, it is not about designer products - there is something they have always been, but not everyone was willing to spend money on them. But now the mass market flooded chandeliers with shades made of wood; in the form of geometric shapes, made of metal; with dangling wires and vintage lamps. But also, no less popular was the partial replacement of standard light on the LED strip and backlight. Of course, all the lights so completely not replace, but in part - well, besides it creates an interesting accent. Especially good in this version looks bedroom .

Suspended chair

Hanging chairs are very popular now. And for good reason - they look and minimalist, and elegant at the same time. There are two options for such seats - one attached to the ceiling and the latter are fixed to a special support. Submitted such seats can be made of glass, frosted plastic, vines. The main thing - provide space around the chair, so you can easily swing

Quality furniture -. This is exactly what you can offer company" Smart Space ». After all, high-quality furniture - is the foundation of decent and interesting interior, which will serve you for years

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