Repair without the help of designers

What are the advantages of working with a designer? It's very simple - work with the designer requires you only to financial investments and clear explanation of what you want from your interior. But the rest of the work for you does have a designer. But not all people have the opportunity to appeal to the designer, that does not negate the need for repair. And, of course, these people would like to know what do to do, what to look for, where to even begin. After all, ordinary people, who are not very familiar with the interior works will simply grab from an excess of information behind your head. And few people can immediately understand how to even begin the repair and how to continue, usually such people get knowledge from their mistakes. Well, another good option - just carefully read useful articles and advice from designers, it also works well

Repair without the help of designers

In this article we'll show you how to step by step to design your interior self. Of course, your design can hardly be compared with the design developed by a professional, but it is guaranteed to be at a higher level than the design without such training.

The idea

It all starts with what you You should carefully reflect on what you want to see in its interior. Will there be a living and dynamic interior with an abundance of colors, or vice versa, soft, pastel design, aimed at relaxation. It is also important to relate your desires with your living conditions. If you work from home, then you definitely need a more dynamic, lively and bright interior - for you and during homework received positive emotions, recharge energy. Conversely, if you work in an office and generally spend much time at work, then you will approach a more classical, calm and quiet interior, which will give you a sense of home, comfort, comfort.

It is also worth determine what inspires you at all. This may be nature, animals, any certain style of painting, and more. So you will be much prose to determine which elements should be applied to the interior, to be more close to you. For example, if you think that kitchen should be decorated with paintings with still life - it is worth remembering and organically fit into the interior of the room.


This is a very important point, which requires you a lot of attention and concentration. In general, a plan can handle everyone the main thing - to understand what is and what you are doing. To start, you need to draw a plan. As an alternative to - print BTI plan. After that, cut the symbols of furniture that you can in different ways to place on the plane to pick the best location of an object. Just a lot of attention should be paid to ensure that the recall, how do you live and what your homework habits - this will place your furniture so that it does not occupy the space where you used to go, so you do not cling to the corners of furniture, poorly located on your route. Check to see whether the furniture placed clear of doors, windows. For example, would not be very nice if every time you go to bedroom , you'll inadvertently bob door of the ill-placed locker. So you mess up the door, damage dresser and no good of it will not. Just to plan well to note the estimated location of switches, sockets, lighting fixtures. Believe me, for a comfortable interior is very important.

The shape and color

When planning the interior, you need to be very careful about what kind of furniture, what color and what prints you choose. For example, you need to understand that working with bright colors a bit more complicated than with pastel colors - they are more difficult to combine harder metered use. It certainly does not mean that you will not work, just have to make more efforts.

Also, to every layout of the apartment conditions necessary to select appropriate furniture. How would you have liked to, massive furniture will look good in a small room. On the contrary, it would look ridiculous, and practical amenities will be very lost. With prints also need to carefully handle - wallpaper with a large pattern frankly a bad choice for a small room. Simply put, a win-win option - it is the interior in soft, pastel colors, with modern furniture and light touch, well, the best option prints or drawings - geometry. This embodiment is versatile enough and will look equally well in hallway , and . bedroom


By making repairs, it is important not to skimp on the builders - hire a good crew. Such workers have and the motivation to work well, and the necessary knowledge to find you a common language. Remember that at independent repair you take on the role of the superintendent, and therefore, at this point should accurately determine the order that you want. Location plumbing, furniture, sockets, chandeliers - all this is necessary to know not only himself, but also to convey to employees. Some do not hire construction crews and all repairs made by yourself. But this is a dubious option and is suitable except for decoration. And even then, not all rooms - with bathroom this option is unlikely will take place, as there are too many plumbing

The acquisition of suitable furniture for your home -. important point in creating the interior design. But what if you just can not find furniture that would be appropriate in your apartment? The answer is simple - please contact company« Smart Space »

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