The correct approach to the design of a combined bathroom

The skilful and deliberate work on the interior - no longer a whim, and quite legitimate need. After providing coziness and comfort in your house, you raise your standard of living. And on each room you need to work individually, as they have their own features and conditions. A striking example is the bathroom - humidity, temperature extremes. All of the above makes us think about how to make the room as comfortable as possible, not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of functionality. And sometimes people combined bathroom and toilet. The reasons for this can be very different. But then we must understand that a combined interior rooms should be treated a little differently than usual to the interior of the room. In this article we will just talk about these features.

The correct approach to the design of a combined bathroom

There are several things that must be understood and put into practice in order to combined bathroom was the most comfortable for you.

What gives us the union premises

First you need to understand and what exactly did we get in a situation where the toilet and combine bathroom in one room.

1. Increasing the area. Typically, private bathroom does not possess a lot of space. But in this very room, the combined space will be many times more. So you can be more comfortable and ergonomically arranged furniture and sanitary ware. And the space in the room adds to the aesthetics as well as the room ceases to seem crowded.

2. Plumbing. Due to the space that appears you get the opportunity to establish not compact model or bath sink, and full-size. And use them, of course, at times more convenient.

3. Reduction in finishing costs. Due to the fact that one wall is actually removed, it disappears the part of the financial expenses that come to the finish of the wall itself. Not huge amounts, of course, but it makes a difference, especially if you have a need for savings.

4. Easier to carry out cleaning. Any owner to agree that a middle room is much easier to clean than two smaller ones. So this is also a significant plus.

5. Above aesthetics. In the joint room more opportunities to improve the aesthetic properties - it is possible to hide the pipe to find a comfortable niche for the washing machine, use a more beautiful furniture

plumbing layout rules and furniture

For any room, even for. bathroom, though for living room, there are certain rules of the furniture arrangement. But they are more stringent bath. And now we will tell about them.

1. In the toilet should be a distance of 40 cm on each side and 50 cm in front.

2. Before the shower, sink, bath must be free space of 60 cm.

3. The optimum height of the sink - 80-85 cm, and width of the shell - 50-65 cm

4.. Heated towel rails and hangers should be placed at a distance from the bathroom, not less than 50 cm.

Of course, these rules do not always work to comply, because the bathroom is not always sufficient in size even if it is combined with the toilet, but the parameters described above -. the most convenient

If even after the unification of space still remains relatively small, you should not neglect the compact version of the plumbing. Good saves hanging toilet, but instead of a bath is quite possible to use a walk-in shower

In addition to the plumbing in your bathroom you will definitely need and other furniture -. Cupboards, cabinets, coffee tables. And you can order them in company« Smart Space ». Then you will not have to worry about the size because the furniture is made individually for your room, taking into account all the nuances, including the size of the room.

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