Pros and cons of shared bathrooms

More just a couple of years ago there was only one opinion - WC is an evil to be avoided. This is due to the fact that for many years in the same apartment can accommodate two or even three generations of families. But things change and now is a lot of dialogue on that WC may give certain advantages and disadvantages are not always fundamental. Moreover, this view finds many supporters. And indeed, if rationally assess the situation, then we can understand that a lot depends on the situation. And in some cases, WC may be the perfect solution. But the main thing - is to conduct a comparative description, evaluate your specific situation and to consult with a professional interior designer. And on the basis of the findings to make a decision to merge the two rooms or rejection of this idea.

Pros and cons of shared bathrooms

In this article we will tell you what the pros and cons, you can find a rationally evaluating WC. And though it seems that there are no advantages here, in fact, they are also quite powerful.


1. Space saving. Often the toilet with bathroom combined, in order to allocate more space for the kitchen, hall or even a closet. So it's a great way to reduce one room and add centimeters to another without radical inconvenience. Those. you will have enough space for a bathroom and toilet, but the hallway and you too will increase. Although this version of WC is still less than it could be without weaning centimeters.

2. Material savings. At the joint space can be a very good save. The most obvious example - a wall decoration. After all, you have to finish at least two walls, which is a very substantial savings. But that's not all. So you save on the door, as you will be using one door instead of two. More obvious savings in lighting fixtures, because, again, you need to cover only one room. And if you have on the floor of the system "warm floor", then you will need one thermostat, less wiring. And do not forget the forced ventilation - it will also be one, and in fact in separate rooms for bathroom and toilet need two ventilation. So if you count the savings goes very, very substantial.

3. A successful plan. If you are not going to take away from the joint space for the benefit of centimeters kitchen, for example, then you have enough plenty of storage space that can be used. You can redistribute more functional plumbing, there is a place for the washing machine, and still have room to move freely around the room. Moreover, it may well be a place for high-grade bathroom, but not for the shower stall. So that such a combination of rooms allows you to make more rational and comfortable space, which will use several times pleasant. Yes, and the space in the room would be nice to warm the soul.


1. Turn. If a family of more than two people, then there are problems with the queue. In the morning, a room will be assembled crowd of residents of the apartment. After the work is the same situation. And just soak in the bathroom an hour or two and all will be very difficult, because the need to economize time so that either the home was not home or they were all asleep. There is not even got to agree with all, because even if for half an hour you notify everyone that you are going for a long time and with pleasure take a bath, then someone will miss your words so deaf ears. This may cause a small domestic quarrels, and it is unpleasant. But it is a problem that does not affect those who live alone. And even if you live together, there will be no such problems scale, so it is always possible to find a compromise.

2. Scents. Alas, combining bath and toilet, we also combine and toilet smells. A similar problem is observed in the living room with kitchen - all cooking odors will automatically apply to living. So, it is possible that decided to swim after the other person has visited the toilet in a combined room, you run into is not on the lily of the valley fragrance. And then even fresheners and ventilation does not always help - to remove odors need time

3.. Lack of space. If you still combine two rooms to add centimeters another room, then most likely, the room is a bit crowded. More rational distribution of plumbing, of course, improve the situation, but it is possible that instead of a bath, you will have to purchase a shower to save space.

As you can see, most of the disadvantages of the combined toilet rests precisely in the interaction of family members . But they are quite insignificant, if you live alone. But more comfortable and spacious room - this is a strong argument for the association. Therefore, if you live alone or together, then the union is appropriate. If you have a large family, it is better not to do so. But it is worth exactly do is buy furniture that will last you for years to come. Where this can be done? Of course in the company« Smart Space ».

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