Errors in the design of a child's room

All the best - to children. This phrase is, of course, does not mean you need to deprive yourself in every way, giving all the best for children only. But that's what she really means is the fact that children should be provided with all the best as you can afford it. Do you know what can really be called the best that you can offer a child? Good, comfortable and aesthetic children's room. In this room the child will spend a lot of time. And so it is important to ensure its maximum comfort. The easiest way to do this, hire a professional interior designer - they are most likely not again engaged in arrangement of child and know exactly what to look for. But if you want to do yourself this room, you will be useful to know what mistakes you can avoid when working on the interior of this room and how to avoid them.

Errors in the design of a child's room

In fact, this article we will shine and that will tell you about the main mistake that when you create a child's room. And knowing how they are admitted, you may well be able to avoid them.

Cold Light

Improper lighting can greatly affect the atmosphere in the room. The most obvious option - bad lighting, but this has already been said so many that there is no need to repeat. But also plays an important role and tone of coverage. This is for cuisine can be suitably cold light, the children's room is much more to the warm lighting. And all because that in this room the child spends most of his time. In such circumstances, the cold light makes the room uncomfortable, too formal. So for a child's room lighting lamps should be chosen with a warm midtone yellow - so you will create a feeling of warmth and comfort


Of course, the child will play and have fun in the children's room.. But this is not a reason to fully equip the room as a playroom. The abundance of bright colors, the emphasis on the play area - the wrong choice. Because in addition to the games in the same room, the baby will sleep, do homework, talk to your friends. "Games" children's room - it's like bedroom adult equipped as a work. Agree uncomfortable out. So in the children's room give preference to calm tones and fair division of zones. The abundance of overly bright colors - generally not the best option, as they will be too excite a child that may cause nervousness

Dear coverage

Remember that the children's room -. It is not the same thing as a bedroom for the adults. The difference is the owners themselves - adults can appreciate expensive things and carefully handle them, while the children are not yet acquired skills. Over time, it certainly will come, but at the time of childhood, let your children go mad and play without fear of damaging your something too valuable. This applies particularly to coatings - an expensive flooring, wallpaper or even wall panels better reserved for more" adult "rooms

<. p> Location bed

Location bed can greatly affect the health of your child. So that the question of its location should be approached very seriously. Firstly, do not have the cot close to the window. After the window - a place where most often occur drafts, and your child can simply because of this. Second, do not have the bed near the door. This is also a place of concentration of drafts, and in this place sound insulation is weakened, so that the child can hear the noise from other rooms, and it will prevent him from sleeping. So try to take into account these two points

High cabinets

Children's room children use -. Quite obvious statement. But when it comes to storage, many sharply forget about it. How else to explain the fact that in the nursery set high and deep closet, half shelves which the child simply can not use due to the fact that has not grown? Do not make this mistake - install the cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers, boxes, that child will be able to use easily. Furniture for growth is not very relevant - an adult can easily be to use low furniture, but the child up high he does not make it


At first glance, carpet -. It is the perfect solution for a child's room. Fluffy, soft, warm, it will not give the children's legs warm, and parents will enjoy their cozy appearance. It sounds great, but the reality is somewhat sad. Stains from spilled tea, paint, remove the dirt of the streets are not so simple, and often even impossible. And yet it is perfectly collects dust, so clean up is necessary very often that the child did not have allergic reactions. So that the laminate or linoleum in their characteristics are much more convenient than the carpet. And for comfort on the floor is better to put a little soft mat.


Beautiful, sophisticated and heavy curtains would be appropriate in the living room, and not in the nursery, although many adults think differently. so serious accessory is not suitable for a child's room - in such a curtain is easy to get confused, it is easy to disrupt with a cornice. And the mood itself, which creates such curtains, somehow does not fit with the concept of a child's room. Therefore, better to give preference curtains of light materials. And even better - look for the roman blinds. They are very economical in terms of space, nice look, to get lost in them and rip them is extremely difficult. For a children - the most it

Honestly division

If the room two children live, then the room must be divided equally.. But this obvious thing parents are often overlooked, and give most of the room, for example, the youngest child, because it is small, and the elder should understand this. But it's not fair to the older child. So that the room should be divided equally, without regard to gender and age. Otherwise disadvantaged child will be very hurt.

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