How to choose a color scheme for the interior

Often, very little attention is paid to the color scheme of the interior. Just choose one base color and everything in the room gets to this color. And, often do not pay attention to any shades or the "temperature" or a combination of complementary colors with the main purpose of any room. And then it turns out that the room looks strange, uncomfortable in her, and besides, the interior is not very nice, though, and picked up everything in style. And such problems arise because the colors are very strong influence on the atmosphere of the room, her mood. And if you choose a color that does not suit you, do not create the right atmosphere in the room, and the interior is much loses. Of course, not easy to deal with coloristic, and it is better to entrust the interior designer. But if you want to do everything with your hands, you should listen to what any advice you can give the designers on the Internet.

How to choose a color scheme for the interior How to choose a color scheme for the interior How to choose a color scheme for the interior How to choose a color scheme for the interior

One article, of course, will not be enough to describe all the nuances of selecting colors. But we will try to outline the main principles which essentially make your life easier and make your interior in better times. We will divide the information into three parts -. Colors of walls, floor and ceiling, furniture and individually decor

The walls, floor, ceiling

The more monotonous and monotonous color scheme for coatings you select, the easier it will be to work with a room in the future. When we talk about the flooring, then first of all we are talking about the figure of natural materials (wood, granite, etc.) the most basic colors - gray, beige, brown. Ideally, in all areas must be the same kind of sex, although the bathroom and the kitchen can be exceptions to the specifics of the premises.

With walls more difficult, as often at the expense of the pattern on the wallpaper people want somehow to decorate your interior. But now the fashion for such "decoration" comes to naught, and more preferred are plain wall. As a compromise, you can use one accent wall. But for the other walls, choose a simple, slightly muted tones, whether light or dark. Of course, this is not a reason to abandon the wallpaper with an interesting pattern. Just if you want a modern interior, it really is better to avoid this, but if you choose the same Provence, then there is limit yourself not worth it. Simply put - a lot depends on your style of interior

As for the ceiling, most designers agree that the monochromatic light ceiling did not spoil any interior, which is more than an interior proves its worth.. Although, in the nursery wallpapers can be used with air - this cute and unobtrusive decor often like children.


from the furniture can already feel bolder, as the furniture is easier to change, in contrast to the same coatings. Depending on your preference, you can choose furniture contrasting colors or, on the contrary, friendly. The only thing to carefully keep track of is the fact that the furniture does not blend into the background and was performed in the same style as the rest of the interior. Just do not use a lot of colors in the interior - just two or three colors that are used regularly. If you have a single living will and yellow, and green, and blue and red, and purple, the room will look too frankly tasteless and motley. But there are exceptions, as some interior styles. If you want a universal furniture, then pay attention to the wood furniture - wood theme is very easy to fit in almost any color scheme


If a furniture still are wary as she. still bought for a long time, it's decor is designed to add color interior, where they do not have enough

This is the smart move -. create a versatile interior in basic colors on stage, covering furniture, and then add his personality using decor. Again, it is not necessary to go to far, but interesting vibrant panel paintings may well add bedroom zest. Paintings, decorative cushions, curtains, rugs, ceramics, murals, tapestries, carpets - all this can complement and enhance your interior, making it a truly individual. So do not be afraid of it all, just need to know when to stop. The best measure knows designer, obviously, but you may well keep track of time when pleasant room turns into clogged trinkets room.

As you can see, if we act consistently and in accordance with the plan, everything will be in times easier and more successful. And if you do not know where to pick up high-quality and personalized furniture for your apartment, house or office, you should contact the company «Smart Space» . We offer such furniture, you do not exactly acquire in the store - the quality, style and elegance distinguishes it from those of standard models in stores

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