How to make a read zone

The modern world is full of hassles and worries. Have a lot to think, solve problems, seek solutions to them - in general, the workload is quite high. And in this hectic very important to find ways to relax, take a break from worries and enjoy the peace and quiet. Now many people like to read, does not matter, paper or electronic books. But in order to fully devote to reading, you need a certain level of peace, which is on the couch in the living room watching TV when the next play, discussing something, do not reach. In this case, it is worth considering, not whether to isolate themselves to read the zone in which you will be a sufficient comfort to enjoy reading. Of course, in a small apartment it is unlikely to happen. But if you have at least an average flat, then you may well be able to find a comfortable angle, which will be for you the cherished place where you can spend time alone with a book.

How to make a read zone

As mentioned earlier, the better to locate a place for reading the most distant from the places that are most popular with your household. Different places can be called loft mezzanine floor to the reading zone, a window sill, the free corner or deep deep niche. Just to read zone was the most convenient and comfortable, follow the set of rules

Comfortable furniture

We need high-quality furniture, to make you the most comfortable to sit -. Not numb back and neck, not overusing the muscles are forced to keep the body in a comfortable position. Moreover, under the implied quality furniture that has a high performance ergonomic. Namely - back angle should be 45 degrees, the high back, repeating bends back, sufficient depth of the chair, the presence of armrests. By the way, these rules also apply to seats in the living. Just to be safe, ottoman, on which you can put your feet up. Naturally, you can not use the chair, and, for example, a mini-sofa. But the important thing is to sit on it comfortably.


Good lighting is important in every room. But for the place where you read - especially. Firstly, it is desirable to provide a good level of natural light. Ideally, next to your chair should be a window. And secondly, artificial light should also be. Here you will help a variety of floor lamps, wall and table lamps. The main thing is that they are powerful enough and covered so that your shadow does not fall on the book. Again, these principles apply in lighting nursery, the year you choose lighting for desktop.


All the selected furniture should be comfortable and perform its functions. One chair can not do here. If you read paper books, it is best to book stood beside the locker. Just, well, if there will be a coffee table, in case you decide to drink tea, not looking up from the book

Tactile sensations

Tactile sensations are very important. They give comfort, comfort, convenience. So that the reading in your area must be things pleasing to the touch. Usually it blankets, pillows, carpets - textiles, which are often found in bedroom. They surround you with comfort and will warm in the cold season. Just try to pick up the furniture with nice upholstery. This season is very popular velvet upholstery - buy a chair in his Reading area. Velvet was always pleasant to the touch, so that you will not be disappointed.


Of course, it is not necessary to abandon the zone decor. Of course, it will not fit statues or large vases. But pictures can perfectly decorate your nook. Just do not neglect and houseplants - they create a very lively but peaceful atmosphere. In addition, a carpet, a beautiful chair, interesting lamp, rug, etc. themselves can be a good decoration

High-quality furniture for any part of the house -. Now that can offer you company Smart Space. Our experience allows us to fully take on the most complex orders and to successfully implement them. So if you ask us - you will not regret


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