How to improve the atmosphere in the bedroom

The pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom is very important. In this room it is pleasant, nice bed, nice to wake up. A good and comfortable sleep plays an important role in our lives and direct impact on our health. And, it's not just how comfortable furniture matched. The important role played by himself in the whole interior. You may have noticed that there is a room in which it is pleasant, but from the other rooms would like to quickly go away, even if in fact they are more thought out and in their interior invested more money. This is the very atmosphere. And a good atmosphere in the room, you can create your own hands. But only if you know what to do. And this is what we will cover in this article - how to make the interior more comfortable, cozy and inviting, even without the help of designers and some big investments

How to improve the atmosphere in the bedroom

This is actually very simple, but it seems difficult due to the fact that few people even think about that, but from what, in fact, is cozy and pleasant atmosphere. And it is precisely these "components" and we will reveal.

Pleasant colors

Proper selection of colors in the interior bedroom will allow you to greatly affect the emotional state. A hundred times already said that the colors have the same effect on humans. So you just have to choose the ones that you need and that you find most enjoyable. But speaking generally, it is best to fit the interior of the bedroom white, beige, brown, various shades of berry. Burgundy and wine shades can also be very useful, as they are quite emotional in content, but not as flashy as the red in its purest form. More should pay attention to the purple color - it combines the qualities of blue and red colors at the same time. He is passionate, but moderate; emotional, but not too much. But first of all it is necessary to focus precisely on the sensations of color, as the personal likes and dislikes has not been canceled.

Natural materials

Artificial materials, for the most part, look a little cooler and formal than natural. And yet, it is very important that they are pleasant tactile. Wood, cotton, wool, fur - these materials are perfectly demonstrate what is at stake. there is nothing better for flooring than wood floors, and in the bedroom does not need to be afraid that his stain, as it happens in kitchen . For the walls is better to choose wallpaper or paint. Moreover, the wallpaper is better to choose the paper, instead of non-woven or vinyl. Do not be amiss to a soft wool blanket large knitted, fur rug.

Separate sleeping area

Department of the sleeping area is not only important in cases where a bedroom combined with a living. Even in the separate bedroom is necessary to separate the sleeping area, where you are only when sleeping or getting ready for bed. After all, people usually do in the bedroom is not only sleep, often there is also dressing up, carry out cosmetic procedures, sometimes even work. The best option in this situation, zoning - a canopy. And we are not talking about heavy velvet, with massive pillars, to which it is attached. It is possible to use an easy tulle and small fasteners that will only support structure. As well, a good option may be called curtains - they are perfectly separate the bed from the rest of the room, and will cover her from unnecessary views

Free space

If a lot of things in the bedroom, it will be. look too clogged and crowded, and this has a negative effect on the atmosphere of the room. Therefore, in the bedroom is better to have only the most necessary furniture.

Also, you should avoid massive furniture elements, since they are guaranteed to eat centimeters of space. Choose a simple, uncluttered furniture with straight lines - it will create a sense of simplicity, lightness and spaciousness, which is very necessary for the bedroom


Untidy room will never be able to recreate the same atmosphere. which is available in the room clean and tidy. Scattered things, things not in place for a long time dirty floor, uncleaned carpet - all of it spoils the atmosphere, killing that same feeling of freshness and lightness, comfort and peace. So be sure to keep order in the room. Well organized storage system, as things are often not in place due to the fact that they simply do not have a permanent place.

As mentioned in the beginning, along with the overall interior design plays an important role and quality furniture. Reliable Bed, bedside tables, elegant but roomy closet - this is what is required in the bedroom. But where to buy high quality and beautiful modern furniture? Of course, company« Smart Space ». We offer you an individual custom-made furniture, so be sure - your interior will be completely original and unique

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