Head of the bed as a way of decorating bedrooms

Despite the fact that the bedroom - one of the most important rooms in the house, it has a relatively small number of ways to decorate it. It's not that big a problem, and there are objective reasons - in the bedroom should not be anything extra that was a pleasure to find and easy to fall asleep in it. For this reason, desirable to decorate the bedroom of art objects, statues, big vases, as they will occupy space. Particularly suitable are embodiments pattern, accent walls, wall panels. And there is another option, about which is often overlooked - is the original head of the bed. Part of the original wall at the head and the head itself are combined so that they were made in the same style and complement each other. But the main advantage of this method of decoration, this is something that you can carry it on their own, without any help.

Head of the bed as a way of decorating bedrooms Head of the bed as a way of decorating bedrooms Head of the bed as a way of decorating bedrooms Head of the bed as a way of decorating bedrooms

This article will focus on how to make in his room an original interior design, focusing on the headboard and, in part, on the wall behind him. The wall is usually still quite simple, although it is worth noting that the most popular option today is to use wall decoration wall panels . But this is not the only option, so let's not get distracted, and consider several options for decorating the head of the bed.

Waste materials

Often we attic, closet or even in the country things are stored, that and throw a pity, but no benefit from them. For example, an old and beautiful, but absolutely do not need to garden fences. Or carved shutters, which are well preserved, but it is no longer needed. And everything else in this spirit. So, these things are quite possible to adapt as a headboard. If you pick up everything with the mind, it can turn a work of art. But there are a couple of nuances. Firstly, the entire interior is important in the framework of classical bedroom a headboard It will look out of place. So what is needed extravagant and distinctive style - eclectic or Shabby chic can come. Secondly, before using the items you need to handle well - cleaned, sanded, can even repaint again. And it is quite difficult and not everyone's strength. So this option is only suitable for people with golden hands and a bunch of "junk».


The raw boards may well be a great headboard, though at least varnished them still have. Another "wooden" version - wall panel in which the bed is built. Thus, the entire wall will thus headboard. Still it is possible to use pre-peeled branches - one on the head and the adjoining wall can make a great song that will be appropriate even in nursery . Options available man in the street is not so much, because you need to specifically handle the wood, but all of the above you may well find, buy or gather in the nearby woods.


Another interesting option - headboard combined with shelves. If you want to work on themselves according to interior solutions, then it can be used drywall. Well, if you have no such desire - contact a special company, which deals with individual Woodcraft - these people may well help you realize your desires, and individual furniture are generally better for any room, even to the bedroom, even for bath room. On these shelves you can place anything you want, from photos and finishing books. These shelves can be made not only of wood but also of metal, depending on the material from which fulfill your pillow.

Work with the wall

This option is suitable for those who does not want to mess with headboard, saw no need for it, or in the interior of his room heading for minimalism. You can decorate the wall so that it is very cleverly set off the bed and, in fact, is one big headboard. You can use the modular paintings, garlands, pictures from travel or with friends. You can also use the usual pattern, simply by using an interesting frame. But mirror over the bed is better not to hang up - it's uncomfortable, and this arrangement looks very strange. The main thing in this situation - to create a song, not a single case of using a decorative element. But it only seems complicated, in fact, you can simply paint the wall and it will be the best one for decoration


The most obvious and accessible solutions for decorating the headboard -. It is textiles. On the Internet there are so many lessons on how skillfully and originally to implement this idea, not applying to this effort. Moreover, the head you may like to buy and remake, adding the necessary elements, and completely do it yourself drywall, filler and fabric. It is worth to use textiles, which corresponds to that used in the bedroom interior style. In the Scandinavian style, you can use fur imitation, eco-style is combined with natural fabrics, Mediterranean style are lightweight fabrics, like chiffon. Another sly option - pillows, firmly nailed to the wall. Yes, very simple pillows that can be found on the couch in the living. Securely attached to the wall, they can create a very interesting alternative to the standard headboard. In addition, in some styles (the same loft), this option will look more advantageous. Summarizing all the above, the textile headboard -. The easiest and most affordable way to decorate the headboard, the beauty is not inferior to all previous versions

You do not want to waste my time and energy on the head, but the head itself want? Or you are interested in alternative wall panel? Refer to the company «Smart Space» . We offer professional services, which have long been working in the field of creating individual furniture to order. Thanks to our experience, we can guarantee to realize your projects, even if they are complex and time consuming.

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