How useful the podium in the apartment?

There are many things that people often perceive solely as decoration, though they have quite a useful function. For example, protective screens on the battery not only to hide its unsightly appearance, but also will save everyone from having to burn yourself on the battery when it is too hot. Wall panels not only decorate the room, but also can turn off the noise. Fluffy carpet - it is not just decoration, but also to protect our feet from the cold floor. And that's just the first thing that comes to mind. In fact the same as the mass of options. And one of the most striking examples is the podium. Most people believe that this is just a nice interior element, which gives your room a certain singularity and originality. But in fact, the podium in the apartment can perform quite important and useful functions. And it is on these features we will now describe.

How useful the podium in the apartment?

Let's start with the fact that denote what is the podium. Podium - this sturdy construction, in a certain part rising from the floor. And you can use the podium with different goals.


Podium perfectly zoned space, taking away with only a certain amount of height. But most of the modern rooms can easily lose a dozen or two centimeters in height without having to in this space became uncomfortable. For example, in the living a podium can be a great place for the desktop, the reading zone or something else. Of course, it is worth noting that in small rooms to use this method of zoning is not necessary, as in the conditions of a small space boundaries of the various zones are blurred, and this method of zoning separates them is very sharp and obvious. But on the other hand, in a large room it can be an excellent solution

Masking communications

If communications excess observed in the room -. Various wires, extension cords and other things like that, the room aesthetics drops significantly . And convenience is also reduced, because the constant step over all these wires are very uncomfortable. This happens in most cases, due to the fact that the location of equipment in the room has changed and now the outlet is located is not as convenient as before. Another option - when significantly increased technology and existing sockets can not cope with the load, so that the needs of every kind of tees. In this case, you will also help the podium. The point is that under the podium it is possible to hide all the wires that you interfere.

The increase in usable space

This option is particularly popular in the bedroom . Its essence lies in the fact that is set fairly high podium - 30 cm and above. And he set the bed. Thus, you do not take away from the height of the main space, as the height of the ceiling exactly above the bed is not very important, because you sleep on it. A pot catwalk formed very convenient location for storage. There may wait for its time seasonal things or things that are not currently needed - winter blankets, spare bed linen, winter pajamas, etc. In addition, this method of storage is very aesthetic, as in itself a podium looks very stylish, but the fact that it is designed for storage, you can not guess.

Ratio Adjustment

Placing the podium can visually change the shape of the room. For example, give it the shape of a square, or vice versa, pull it out. In narrow spaces podiums are set at the end, square rooms are more receptive to the angular design. This can be a great option for kitchen, if you are not very happy with her form. But in combination with the effect of zoning result is simply stunning.

Beautiful and functional interior is, built on one podium. So it's worth just to attend to and quality furniture. And one of the reliable and proven manufacturers of furniture - it company« Smart Space ». Visit us and see for yourself.

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